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Senior Honors Celebration May 21

Augustana College will hold its annual Senior Honors Celebration at 4 p.m. May 21 in the Lindberg Center.

To allow for social distancing, the honorees will be recognized in smaller categories, based on department.

All participants and guests must be masked indoors, although masks can be briefly removed for photos. Light refreshments will be served.


4 p.m. Welcome and President’s Address
4:15 p.m. Student Government Association Awards, 4.0 GPA Awards, Lincoln Academy of Illinois Student Laureate Award
4:30 p.m. Accounting, Business Administration, Data Analytics, Economics
4:45 p.m. Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Geography, Math/Computer Science, Physics
5 p.m. Art, Art History, Communication Studies, MJMC, Music, Theatre
5:15 p.m. Classics, English, History, Philosophy, Religion
5:30 p.m. Public Health, Political Science, Sociology and Anthropology, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
5:45 p.m. Asian Studies and World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
6 p.m. Closing remarks from Provost Dr. Wendy Hilton-Morrow

Student Government Association Awards

Outstanding Student Leader: Lauren Taylor Palmer

Outstanding Student Organization: Camp Kesem

Presidential Service Award: Megan Kelly McLaughlin

Senior Honors (4.0 GPA)

Annelisa Jean Burns, Huy Quang Nghiem, Kelly Elizabeth Prusak, Allison Elizabeth Schmoll, Carl D. Schoenfield

Lincoln Academy of Illinois Student Laureate

Laura Kathryn Keenan

Departmental honors and awards


Outstanding Student in Accounting: Nicholas Robert Dispensa

Students of Distinction in Accounting: Oscar Almanza Cisneros, Megan Marie Crawford, Cameron William Duffy, Haley Amanda Dulabaum

Art and Art History

Augustana Art and Graphic Design Research Senior Award: Lauren Lynn Barton

Art History Scholar Award: Elisa J. Wynn

Dr. Donna Bergen and Dr. Thomas Madden Whistler Research Fellow Award: Elisa J. Wynn

Asian Studies

Outstanding Senior Project in Asian Studies: Brittany Ann Murphy


Biology Majors with Distinction: Nicholas Fedele

Biology Majors Honorable Mention: Madelynn Grace Marunde, Sydney Kristin Rector

Pre-Medicine Majors with Distinction: Jameshia M. Walls

Pre-Medicine Majors Honorable Mention: Nicole Ashley Krumm, Lauren Taylor Palmer

Business Administration

Outstanding Senior Business Administration Majors: Anh Phuong Cao, Nicholas Robert Dispensa, Andrew William Mayszak

Outstanding Senior International Business Administration Major: Juan Andres Grijalva, Nguyen Minh Khue


Anna Lesisz-Wartman Biochemistry Award: Katie Caroline DeJulius


CAMWS Award for Outstanding Achievement in Classical Studies: Kellis Maryele Montgomery, Jameshia M. Walls

Award for Best Research by an Eta Sigma Phi Laureate: Ezekiel Octavius Aurelius

Eta Sigma Phi Honorees, National Classics Honor Society: Ezekiel Octavius Aurelius, Kellis Maryele Montgomery, Jameshia M. Walls

Communication Studies

Outstanding Senior Inquiry Award: Laura Kathryn Keenan

Chad Meyer Endowed Scholarship: Madeline Renee Schaefer

Scott Alden Johnson Memorial Endowed Scholarship: Nicholas Robert Dispensa, Jason Gluzkin

Celebration of Graduate Study Award: Michelle Renee M. Quinn (journalism, University of Missouri); Yesenia Villegas Vera (communication, Illinois State University)

Multimedia Journalism and Mass Communication

Outstanding Senior Inquiry Award: Olivia Therese Doak, Anna Podborny

Frank and Barbara Wright Observer Award for Excellence in Journalism: Olivia Therese Doak

Data Analytics

Outstanding Student in Data Analytics: Cameran Grace Frank


Tallgrass Capital Endowed Award for Outstanding Seniors in Economics: Cameron William Duffy, Doan Quang Trung Pham


Roald Tweet Scholar in English Studies: Paige Marie Sheppard

Dorothy Parkander Scholar in English Studies: Annelisa Jean Burns

Peggy Anderson Creative Writer: Devin M. Wisniewski


Illinois Geographical Society Outstanding Senior Geographer Award: Carl D. Schoenfield

Robin Hoffmann Award for Scholarship and Service: Mark Steven Teschke

Senior Research Award: Abigail Faye Clark


Distinction in Geology: Cheyenne Victoria Bartelt, Abigail Faye Clark, Spencer Peter Napiwocki


O.F. Ander Award for the Outstanding History Student: Brittany Ann Murphy

Cletus Melchior Award for Outstanding Future Educator: Sarah Kathryn Schwarm

Daughters of Founders and Patriots Award for Outstanding Achievement in American History: Lauren Hall

Mark Schweibert Spirit of History Award: Clarice R. Brown

Mathematics and Computer Science

Andrew W. Williamson Award for Excellence and Achievement in Mathematical Sciences: Jordan L. Thompson

Donald E. McLaughlin Award for Excellence and Achievement in Computer Science: Trang Hoang

Harry Nelson Award for Excellence and Achievement in Applied Mathematics: Doan Quang Trung Pham


Presser Scholar: Madison Joann Fouts

Ruth E. Hagelin Scholarship: Ainslie Bryn Lounsbury

Pi Kappa Lambda: Madison Joann Fouts, Ainslie Bryn Lounsbury


Philosophy Honors: Rosalie Amber Looijaard


Physics Major with Distinction: Justin Tyler Cassens

Physics Service Award: Ralph Oscar Peterson-Veatch

Physics Research Award: Furman Wade Doty II

Political Science

Outstanding Political Science Major: Rosalie Amber Looijaard, Amayrani Lopez, Alyssa Twilbeck

Departmental Leadership Award: Amayrani Lopez

Public Health

Distinguished Scholars in Public Health: George James Angelos, Caleb Thomas Drew, Madison Rose Mayer, Katie Lynn Zenisek


Outstanding Religion Major: Annelisa Jean Burns, Cassandra Dianne Kruse

Sociology and Anthropology

Alpha Kappa Delta, International Sociology Honor Society: Erica Amdal, Margaret A. Cannizzaro, Kirsten Marie Lancaster, Madelynn Grace Marunde, Hope E. Wells, Madeleine Louise Young

Theatre Arts

Augustana Endowment Society CAST Award: Trinity Annaleah Filut

Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

The Nancy Huse Award for Outstanding Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Senior: Giselle Barajas

World Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Outstanding Academic Achievement Award in Chinese: Ian D. Rothery

Outstanding Academic Achievement Award in Japanese: Brittany Ann Murphy

Outstanding Senior in Scandinavian Studies: Ashley Rose Laermans

Scandinavian Studies Research Award 2021: Ainslie Bryn Lounsbury


Louis C. Belby Award for Outstanding Achievement in Spanish: Margaret A. Cannizzaro

Mike D. Finnemann Award for Outstanding Senior Inquiry Project: Jordan N. Bartels

Barbara Olsen Herrarte Award for Outstanding Spanish for Professional Use Major: Lauren Taylor Palmer

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