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Slough drainage project begins Nov. 11; parking affected

As a reminder, the Slough drainage and restoration project will begin Sunday morning, Nov. 12. 

The project will require a temporary disruption to the street parking on the west side of 38th Street hill. Beginning at 6 a.m. Tuesday, Nov. 14, an estimated 12 spots will be unavailable for use to allow for the staging of equipment for this City of Rock Island project. In addition to parking in the WVIK parking lot, campus is encouraged to use the Centennial Hall parking lot.

It is expected that street parking will return to normal prior to the beginning of J-Term.

The Slough Path will remain open to pedestrians from the start of the project through early/mid December, at which time sections of the path may be inaccessible. Campus notifications will be provided in early December with closure dates.

The reopening of the path for pedestrians is dependent on weather conditions and construction progress. Closures are not expected to extend into J-Term. Safety fencing will be installed near the worksite; pedestrians are prohibited from entering any fenced areas. 

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