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Upper Mississippi Center seeks project proposals

The Upper Mississippi Center at Augustana College is seeking community partnership proposals through 2022-2024, under the Sustainable Working Landscapes Initiative. 

In this collaboration between the college and a city, county, or regional partnership, community partners identify high-priority projects that build stronger local and regional economies, more vibrant and livable communities, healthier and happier people, and a more sustainable environment. 

Experienced faculty from various disciplines will lead teams of students to tackle community-driven projects within the framework of existing courses, faculty-mentored internships, or organized service-learning projects.

Types of partnerships

Interdisciplinary projects: Community partners collaborate with the UMC on large or multifaced projects that necessitate engagement from multiple faculty specialties and range of courses, to develop initiatives and integrated solutions. Partners have included the City of Davenport (Assessing Health of Urban Watersheds), Scott County Health Department (Live Lead Free), and Cities of Clinton, Rock Island, and Geneseo (diverse group of projects). 

Disciplinary projects: Community partners collaborate with the UMC on a diversity of several smaller projects. These are focused and very specific collaborations that may entail just one or two faculty classes and address just one or two issues per project. During the course of the partnership term, projects may be modified, or new projects may be requested depending on the community partner’s needs.  


Partner communities must support the effort through dedicated staff time (co-managing projects, co-mentoring interns, etc.) and a local funding contribution.  The selection process will be competitive. The deadline for applications is 5 p.m. Feb. 1, 2022.

See application and details

The UMC partners will be announced no later than April 2022.

The best partnerships emerge from collaborative dialogue among Augustana staff, faculty and community partner, and early discussions are welcome. If you would like additional help or information, please arrange a meeting with UMC staff to discuss an initiative, brainstorm project ideas, and receive assistance in completing your application: Dr. Michael Reisner, UMC director, 309-794-3418; or Dr. Jenny Arkle, SWLI program manager, 309-794-7844.


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