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Why transfer to Augustana College?

Hear about it from four students in this video, and get some practical information, too.

Transfer students know what they want. Better fit, better value.

These are two big reasons why students choose one school over the others when they decide to transfer from a community college or large university. Those who choose a private four-year college, such as Augustana, often do so for the more individualized support and connections with professors and advisors — which can lead to greater confidence and success.

When considering value, students think about the quality of the education and experience, financial aid and managing costs, and return on investment. Augustana offers academic scholarships up to $27,000 per year to qualifying transfer students, on top of any other grants and scholarships. Like all applicants, transfer students are automatically considered for awards when they apply to Augustana.


In this video, Tamara Sneddon, Livy Sholl, Zander Ulam and Shawn Eggers describe their own reasons for transferring to Augustana.

For Sneddon, it’s the community and connection on campus. “It’s definitely a good feeling that everyone knows you, that everyone has your back.”

For Sholl, she appreciates the good balance of academics and athletics. “Whenever I was talking to Coach Dan, he put a lot of emphasis on academics first, then swim.”

For Ulam, Augustana was already his radar as “the place of music.” So, when his first school didn’t work out, he changed direction and found a welcoming experience and process for transfer students at Augustana. 

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Eggers enrolled at Augustana after nine years in the Navy, followed by a few years working full-time. He encourages non-traditional students to push through, “because the end result’s going to be worth it.”

And, according to Eggers, “if you need to be sold on the campus, take a tour in the fall. It’s one of the most beautiful campuses I’ve ever seen.” 

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Source: Executive summary of Private Illinois Colleges & Universities (PICU) Spring 2023 survey of incoming transfer students.

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