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Augustana College committees

Updated 10-14-2022

2022-23 Committees responsible primarily to the faculty

All terms conclude May 30.



a. To review documentation submitted by any student requesting accommodation.

b. To provide consultation during the admissions process, and written advice where appropriate documentation and request for exception have been made.

c. To establish the reasonable and appropriate accommodations to be given to students on a case-by-case basis.

d. To recommend for faculty approval any curricular substitutions for general education requirements.

e. To keep the campus community updated on topics related to mental, sensory and physical impairments.



Director of Disability Services (co-chair) (TBD)

Dean of Student Life (co-chair) (Wes Brooks)

The co-chairs are members of the staff and administration who do not vote.

Four-year: Two faculty members recommended by Nominations and Rules with areas of expertise that will facilitate the consideration of issues related to the function of the committee.

Ann Perreau (2023)
Austin Williamson (2025) Mike Schroeder fall 2022 sabbatical replacement for A. Williamson

The two faculty members shall have between them expertise in the interpretation of educational psychometrics as applied to individuals with special needs and their application to educational accommodations. Four-year terms, staggered expiration dates in odd-numbered years.

Two-year: Two faculty members recommended by Nominations and Rules. Two-year terms, staggered expiration dates:

Lisa Seidlitz (2023)
Amanda Baugous (2024)

Other: Consulting members of the committee will serve on a case-by-case basis (as called by the chair) to help assess and address the needs of particular students.

Consulting members include: representatives of the Psychology Department, the Communication Sciences and Disorders Program, the Education Department, the Reading/Writing Center, Facilities Services, the Director of Medical Records, Chair of EPC, Dean of Enrollment, Director of Advising, Director of Residential Life, and other members of the Augustana community who may offer special expertise.



a. To consider special cases submitted by petition: 

  -Transfer work

  -Requirements for the degree

  - Change of grades and granting extension for incomplete grades

  -Advanced standing

  - Work for private study and examinations

  - Substitutions and waivers to published faculty policy

  - Work from international institutions

b. To recommend candidates for degrees.

c. To recommend changes in policies to the Educational Policies Committee or the faculty arising from its consideration of special cases above.


The Committee meets even weeks of the semester on Mondays from 8:00-9:00 am. There are occasional e-votes or online discussion between meetings for pressing matters. Due to the time sensitive nature of most student petitions, this Committee will meet twice during J-term, if needed.


Permanent: Registrar (chair) (Liesl Fowler)
Elected: Five faculty (two-year terms):

Patrick Crawford (2023)
Katie Hanson (2023)
Alli Haskill (2023)
Magan Harvard Rockwell (2024)
Mamata Marme'(2024)



a. To recommend changes for the continual improvement of holistic advising such as: Learning Outcomes for advising, models of advising, strategies for assessing advising and professional development of advisors.

b. To liasion between faculty advisors and administrative offices.


Permanent: Associate Dean of Student Success and Persistence, or designee (co-chair, non-voting):  Kristin Douglas
Director of Advising (non-voting):  Mary Windeknecht

Elected: One faculty member from each division. Three-year terms:

Arts and Communication — Joh Hildreth (2025)
STEM — Kimberly Murphy (2023)
Humanities — Lauren Hammond (2023)
Social Sciences — Karen Aumeller (2025)

Elected/appointed by Nom & Rules

Two at-large members appointed by Nom & Rules based on level of expressed interest including at least one faculty member with at least two years experience advising in the first-year program. The second at-large member should be appointed to ensure a voice for non-tenured advisors and diversity in division representation on the committee. Two-year term. 

Margaret Ellis (2023) 

TBD (2023)

Faculty Co-Chair:  Election from among tenured faculty serving on the committee. Two-year co-chair agreement:    
Margaret Ellis (2023)

Integration Representative (such as Res Life staff, Coaching staff, or Student Services) (non-voting) (appointed by Dean of Student Life):  Laura Schnack

Student consultant reps: Two student representatives to be elected by SGA

Seth Rohr (2023)
Kelly Moore (2023)



a. To actively provide consultative services to departments, curricular and co-curricular programs engaged in department or program learning assessment.

b. To regularly engage the college community in conversation about assessment findings and the steps necessary to convert those findings into formative improvements.

c. To educate the college community toward the appropriate use of the IDEA student rating of instruction instrument for both formative and summative purposes.


Permanent: Institutional Research and Assessment (Tšooane Molapo)

Non-voting: The Director for the Center for Faculty Enrichment (Austin Williamson)

Ex-officio: A senior representative from the Office of Student Life (Chris Beyer)

Associate Dean of Academic Strategic Priorities (Greg Domski)

Elected: Five full-time faculty members recommended by Nominations & Rules, for a three-year term. The chair will be elected yearly from the tenured faculty on the AIC. Three seats should always be filled with tenured faculty and are appointed with terms that end with a rotating basis so that there are always at least two continuing tenured members eligible to be elected annually to serve as chair. The remaining two seats can be filled by faculty members at any rank.

Tim Muir (2023)
Rupa Gordon (2024), chair; Tim Muir sabbatical replacement Fall 2023 for R Gordon
Cathy Webb (2024)
Anne Perreau (2025)
Ray Harrison (2024)            



a. To recommend changes in educational policies concerning instructional methods, testing and grading, graduation requirements, course of instruction, and instructional procedure.

b. To advise the Dean of the College, when needed, as to priorities in faculty staffing.

c. To appoint sub-committees to study the planning and development of long-range curriculum changes.


Arts & Communications — Megan Quinn (2023)
Humanities — Taddy Kalas (2023), chair
STEM — Mary Ellen Biggin (2024)
Humanities — Mark Safstrom (2024)
Social Sciences — Ann Ericson (2023)
Social Sciences —  Mark Vincent (2024)

Elected by Nom and Rules:

Jenny Arkle (2023)
Stefanie Bluemle (2023)
Lucy Burgchardt (2024)

Ex officio, non-voting members:

Registrar (Liesl Fowler)
Vice President of Enrollment (Kent Barnds)
Chair of General Education Committee (Mike Egan)

The chair of the committee must be a tenured faculty member with voting rights, elected by the voting members of the committee. The term of office will be one year, renewable. No faculty member elected to the Educational Policies Committee may serve simultaneously as Division Chair or member of the General Education Committee.

6. ENROLLMENT COMMITTEE- under revision


a. To act as a liaison between the Faculty and the Office of Admissions, with regards to resources, information and support for recruiting.

b. To meet once per term with admissions to review policies, standards, and initiatives of the admissions process. Other meetings as determined by the committee.

c. One member of the faculty would also attend meetings of the Retention Task Force.

d. To maintain communication with student groups, support services, and other committees as needed. These groups may include, but are not limited to Dean of the College, Dean of Students, Registrar, Financial Assistance, Communications, Athletic Directors, SGA, and Diversity Council.


Elected: Four faculty members, one from each division, for 3 year terms,  staggered with expiration dates, with one to be elected annually as chair by the committee members. 

Arts & Communication — Jessica Nordulman (2025)
Humanities — Jeanneth Vázquez (2023)
STEM — Nathan Frank (2024)
Social Sciences — Olivia Melton (2023)

Two at-large members from departments not represented by the Division elected members, appointed by Nominations and Rules for three year terms with staggered expiration dates:

Forrest Stonedahl (2024)

Xiaowen Zhang (2025)

Advisory: Vice President of Enrollment, W. Kent Barnds



a. Advocates for the concerns and interests of the faculty, the academic program, and the mission of the College, particularly representing perspectives of council members’ rank.

b. Serve as a consultative body for the administration.

c. Determines which matters should be taken to full faculty for consideration.

d. Facilitates communication across constituencies on campus.


Ten members elected from the voting faculty: chair and vice chair, two full professors, two associate professors, two assistant professors, two instructors/lecturers. Should any academic division not be represented in any academic year, a member of that division will be appointed by Nom & Rules for a one-year term.

Chair — Amanda Wilmsmeyer (STEM) (2023)

Chair Elect —Mariano Magalhaes  (Social Sciences) (2024)

Professors — Amanda Baugous (Social Sciences) (2023) and Kirsten Day (Humanities) (2024)

Associates —  Vickie Phipps (Arts & Communication) (2023) and Jose Boquin (STEM) (2024)

Assistants/Tenure Track — Kiki Kosnick (Humanities) (2023) and Stacie Hatfield (Social Sciences) (2024)

Non-Tenure Track Faculty— Michelle Crouch (Arts & Communication) (2023) and Todd Miller (STEM) (2024)




a. To encourage formal research and creative work on the part of the faculty.

b. To recommend the policies for evaluation of proposals in order to allocate funds designed to encourage faculty research and creative works (such grants do not apply to work on dissertations).

c. To accept, evaluate, and approve proposals.


Four faculty, one elected by each division (two-year terms):

Arts & Communication — Shelley Cooper (2024)
STEM — Forrest Stonedahl (2023)
Humanities — Eric Stewart (2023)  Chair
Social Sciences — Nadia Schwartz (2023)

The chair is elected from among the longest serving members of the committee.

Elected/Appointed by Nom & Rules: One faculty (two year terms)

Kelly Daniels (2023) 




a. To evaluate all full-time and adjunct faculty members on a regular basis.

b. To make recommendations to the President of the College in the area of salary, promotion, tenure, and sabbatical leave.

c. To advise the Dean of the College, when needed, on issues related to faculty staffing.


Dean of the College (Wendy Hilton-Morrow)

Division Chairs (or designated representative):
Arts & Communication — Margaret Morse (2025) Susan Stone sabbatical replacement Spring 2023 for M.Morse
Humanities — Jane Simonsen (2026) Chair
Social Sciences — Shara Stough (2024)
STEM —Tim Muir (2027)

At large representative - Chris Marmé (2023) Deb Bracke sabbatical replacement Fall 2022 for C.Marme

Advisory: Department Chair of the individual being considered.




a. To work with faculty in the design, revision and approval of courses proposed to meet general education requirements.

b. To assess and review the general education curriculum at the individual course and overall curriculum design levels on regular intervals.  

c. To hold informational sessions and other faculty development sessions related to general education; as needed. 

 d. To make recommendations to the faculty with respect to proposed changes in general education requirements. 

e. To collaborate with working groups housed under the general education umbrella (e.g. FYI, REF) or other committees on campus to ensure that programs and individual courses are meeting general education goals. 


Dean of the College (Wendy Hilton-Morrow)
Associate Dean of the College (Greg Domski)
One Reference Librarian, with voting rights, appointed by the Director of the Library (Lauren Lehman) (three-year term) (2023)

The chair of the committee must be a tenured faculty member with voting rights, elected by the voting members of the committee. The term of office will be one year; Mike Egan (2023) chair

Elected: Four faculty members, one elected by each division, each with substantial interest in and experience with general education (for three-year staggered terms):

Arts & Communication — David Schwartz (2024)
Humanities — Megan Havard Rockwell (2024)
STEM —  Tierney Brosius (2023)
Social Sciences — Jamie Nordling (2023) Allie Barringer sabbatical replacement Spring 2023 for J. Nordling

Three faculty members, elected at large.  Nominations and Rules has the responsibility for submitting nominations to the Faculty for these at-large positions.  Nominations and Rules is expected to select faculty with substantial interest in and experience with general education, including faculty with experience in FYI, LPs, and LCs (for three-year staggered terms):

Mike Augspurger (2023)
Tony Oliver (2023)
Carolyn Yaschur (2024) Elizabeth Lawerence sabbatical replacement Fall 2022 for C. Yaschur

No faculty member elected to the General Education Committee may serve simultaneously as:
Division Chair; Faculty Council Chair; Member of EPC.

Three students, appointed by SGA, who have completed the 1st year FYI/Honors sequence. One of the three must be a sophomore, and one must be a junior or senior. 

Isabella Gmitrovic (2023)
Paige Kern (2023)
Neleigh Rush (2023)



a. To approve curriculum of the honors programs, First Year Honors and the Interdisciplinary Honors Minor, and make curricular recommendations to the Educational Policies Committee.

b. To set policies and criteria governing admission to and retention in all levels of the Honors Program. The committee should assess and work to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion in all aspects of the Honors Program, including coursework, staffing, student recruitment and review, and the composition and work of the committee itself. 

c. To review and evaluate candidates for admission to the programs; employing a feedback loop with a representative from the admissions office when a faculty interviewer's recommendation is less than emphatic.  

d. To make decisions concerning a student's status in the program when the student's work is affected by scheduling problems (e.g. study abroad) or compelling personal/medical problems. The committee also considers petitions for partial credit for graduation requirements, making recommendations to the Advanced Standing and Degrees Committee, which rules on all student petitions.  

e. To make recommendations to the Dean of the College as to faculty staffing of the programs.


Director of Honors Program, David Snowball (chair)
Two representatives of the current FYH faculty, elected by the current teaching faculty of the program (Megan Rockwell, Meg Gillette)
Two representatives of the current or former 200 and 300-level Honors Minor faculty, elected by the current teaching faculty at that level of the program (Brian Leech), (Mike Wolf)

Two faculty members nominated by Nominations and Rules (three-year staggered terms), at least one of whom has not participated in the program:

Ana Borderia (2025)
Khalil Andani (2025)
David Schwartz (2024)

A representative from the Office of Academic Affairs (Randy Hengst)
Vice President of Enrollment OR Director of Admissions (Wendy Kelly)

There is no student representation on this faculty committee because its main business is staffing and monitoring teaching quality. However, it is recommended that the director seek feedback from the students in First Year Honors and the Interdisciplinary Honors Minor to review and comment on decisions other than the staffing decisions relevant to the student experience. 




a. To consider the rationale for and policies governing all faculty-led or faculty- coordinated off-campus programs and recommend them to EPC and the Dean of the College.

b. To vet program applications presented by faculty for new program models, locations or faculty teams and present approved programs to EPC and the Dean of the College. 

c. To conduct evaluation and long-range planning, and to recommend to the Dean of the College calendars and sites for future programs.

d. To recommend to the Dean of the College faculty participants, faculty directors and/or courses for any faculty-led or faculty-coordinated domestic or international off-campus program.

e.  To promote international studies among students and faculty.

Off-Campus Programs refers to any credit-bearing program in which a significant portion of the program of instruction (trips that last more than five consecutive days) takes place outside of the Quad Cities region and for which additional funds are collected from students by the college.  Non-curricular travel and field-trips within an on-campus course, as well as programs taking place on Augustana-owned properties are not vetted by this committee. 

Any program, course or extracurricular activity which takes students off campus for more than five days, and all programs, courses or extra-curricular activities with international travel should register with the International & Off-Campus Programs office, but only academic programs designed for significant off-campus instruction are expected to be vetted by this committee.


Director of International and Off-Campus Programs (Chair, non-voting), Pedro Bidegaray       

Elected: Three faculty participants and/or directors from programs in operation during the past 4 years.  These three must represent three different regions of the world (not including North America) and at least one elected representative must have participated in a program of fewer than 30 students.  All will serve three-year terms.

Randall Hall (2023) (Europe, Arts & Communication)
Laurel Williams (2025) (Asia)
Rowen Schussheim-Anderson (2024) (Africa, Arts & Communication)

Four faculty members at large, at least one of whom has not participated in any previous Augustana off-campus program.    

Kirsten Day (2023) (Europe, Humanities)
Tauheed Khan Mohd (2023) (non-participant, STEM)
David Ellis (2024) (Europe, Humanities)
Rajan Bishwakarma (2025)(non-participant, Social Sciences)

The four divisions shall be represented by the elected faculty in these two categories.  

Two students appointed by SGA, at least one of whom shall have participated in a foreign studies program.  (Students shall participate in all discussions except faculty and personnel decisions):
Sofia Briggs (2023)
Rachel Nandelenga (2023)



a. To nominate elective members of all committees not elected by divisions.

b. To conduct Faculty Council elections.

c. To recommend to the faculty changes in faculty representation on administrative committees.

d. To review periodically the committee structure.

e. To consider representation on newly-constituted committees.

f. To make recommendations to the faculty about election procedures and voting privileges.


Elected: Four tenured faculty, one elected by each division (two-year terms):

Arts and Communication — Carolyn Yaschur (2024) Nina Erlich sabbatical replacement Fall 2022 for C.Yaschur
Humanities — Mari Nagase (2025)
STEM — Dara Wegman-Geedey (2024), chair
Social Sciences - Ann Ericson (2025)

The chair is elected from among the longest-serving tenured members on the committee.



To serve as a court of last resort for student complaints about unfair grading practices. Cases will be heard upon the recommendation of the Dean of the College only after all other channels have been exhausted (that is, conference with professor, department chair, and Dean of the College).


Four tenured faculty, randomly chosen by the Nominations and Rules Committee, one from each division, on a case-by-case basis. Each committee elects its own chair. The chair must be a tenured member of the faculty.



a. To interview and select Editor(s) in Chief for the Observer

b. To oversee general administration of the Observer and WUAG and address complaints when they cannot be handled by the Advisers.


Advisers to the Observer (non-voting):  Carolyn Yaschur (chair), David Schwartz & Michael Davis
Advisor to WAUG: Michael Davis

Director or Representative of Public Relations:  Keri Rursch
Editor(s) in Chief of Observer:  Aubrey Lathrop and Molly Sweeney (2023)
WAUG General Manager: TBD(2023) WAUG Program Director TBD (2023)

Elected/Appointed by Nom & Rules: Three faculty (two-year terms):
George Boone (2023)
David Thornblad (2023)
Dan Corts (2024)

Four students appointed by SGA who are not staff members of the Observer:

Eric Reinertsen (2023)
Spencer Warfield (2023)
Neleigh Rush (2023)
Ramaya Johnson (2023)

The chair is elected by the Committee from among elected faculty. The membership of this committee must be equally divided (as at present) between student members and faculty/administrative members.



aTo plan, coordinate, and assess Symposium Day.


Student Life – (Tia Steele)
Campus Ministries (Melinda Pupillo)
Director or representative from Office of Public Relations (Keri Rursch)
Career and Professional Development (Alex Washington)
Director of Intercultural Student Life (Ashley Allen)
Director of First-Year Advising (Mary Windeknecht)
EDGE student team (appointed by Doug Tschopp)

Appointed by Provost:

Symposium Day Coordinator- Bob Haak (chair) 

Elected: one elected by each division (three-year rotating terms):

Arts & Communication — Stacy Barton (2025)
Humanities — Jeff Renaud (2024)
STEM — Kelsey Arkle (2025)
Social Sciences — Rupa Gordon (2023)

Elected/appointed by Nom & Rules:

Derek Gould (2023)

TBD (2024)

One student appointed by SGA:
Kelly Moore (2023)

One student appointed by Multicultural Programming Board:

TBD (2023)

One student appointed by OSL:

TBD (2023)

Two students appointed by SGA as at-large representatives (should not be members of SGA):

Ryan Harrington (2023)
Nadia Decastris (2023)



The Teacher Education Committee shall:
a. Recommend to the Educational Policies Committee the policies governing the operation of Teacher Education programs

b. Oversee the practices of admission to and retention in the Teacher Education program

c.  (1) Forms a subcommittee to hear appeals from students regarding admission to and/or retention in Teacher Education programs, and (2) hear appeals regarding recommendation for certification;

d. Review and approve all departmental proposals relating to the establishment of, or changes in, Teacher Education programs, before such proposals are submitted to the Educational Policies Committee

e. Make certain that procedures for evaluating the Teacher Education  programs are established and that such evaluations take place regularly.


Chair of the Education Department (chair) (Michael Scarlett)

Elected/Appointed by Nom & Rules: Voting membership to come from departments with teaching majors. These departments include:

Music— Dawn Farmer (2024)
World Languages (Spanish, French or German) — Ana Bordería-García (2024)
Math  — Stacey Rodman (2025) TBD Sabbatical replacment Spring 2023 for S.Rodman
History — Lendol Calder (2024)
Business and Education — Olivia Melton (2024)
English  — Katie Hanson (2023)

Science(Biology, Chemistry or Physics) - Nathan Frank (2023)

Art  - Megan Quinn (2025)

Ex officio faculty members:
a.    Director of Secondary Education – Mike Schroeder
b.    Director of Elementary Education – Randall Hengst
c.    Director of Field Experiences – Deb Bracke 
d.    Representative from Reading/Writing Center selected by the committee chair – Lucas Street
e.    A member of the Admissions staff appointed by the Dean of Enrollment – Kent Barnds


Committees Responsible Primarily to Administration

Committees responsible to the Administration serve primarily as advisory committees for various administrative functions, unless otherwise noted in the Committee Function. From time to time, membership, both permanent and elected, will require modification due to resignations, terminations, etc. Appointments to administrative committees will be made by the President of the College, unless otherwise noted. The President of the College shall have the option to fill any vacancy that remains open after October 1, or after 60 days of vacancy. All Cabinet appointees to administrative committees, including those designated as permanent members, may designate another individual to serve in their role upon notice to and approval from the President. All terms expire at the end of the academic year noted.

1. ACADEMIC TECHNOLOGY COMMITTEE (inactive for 2022-23)


  • To provide leadership and advocate the use of technology within the context of teaching and learning
  • To work collaboratively with administration to identify strategic direction for technology within the academic mission
  • To support identified strategic educational technology initiatives through communication and promotion, coordination of resources, workshops, outside speakers, grant opportunities and more
  • To provide a forum for insight into the many aspects of how faculty would like to use classrooms and other spaces in terms of fixed technology, mobility, device support and more.


Co-chair –Faculty Development (Jessica Schultz)
Co-chair – CIO (Chris Vaughan)
Director of the Library or designee (Chris Schafer)
Educational Technology Manager (Shawn Beattie)
Director of the Center for Faculty Enrichment (Eric Stewart)

Three-year term appointed by the Dean of the College:

Hyeong-Guy Choi (2023)
TBD (2025)
TBD (2025)




A group of faculty, administrators and staff assembled to hear formal charges of harassment and discrimination, and if necessary, make recommendations on appropriate sanctions.


Permanent: General Counsel (Sheri Curran), and Title IX Coordinator (Jennie Hemingway), co-chairs

Appointed: A minimum of four staff and administrators appointed by the President of the College for a three-year term.

W. Kent Barnds (2024)
Anna Castro (2024)
Brad Foley (2023)
Liesl Fowler (2024)
Rita Gustafson (2023)
Michelle Mason (2024)
Karen Peterson (2024)

Cindy Schroederr (2023)

Karen Sheraden (2023)
A minimum of two tenured or tenure track faculty members appointed by the President of the College for a three-year term.

Mike Egan (2024)
Kevin Geedey (2023)
Carolyn Yaschur (2023)
Olivia Melton (2024)



a. To review athletic matters relating to intercollegiate athletic and extramural athletics for both men and women, including compliance with NCAA requirements and budgeting matters,  and to make recommendations accordingly.

b. To review and approve game schedules.


Faculty representative to College Conference of Illinois and Wisconsin (chair) (Kimberly Murphy)
Director of Athletics (Michael Zapolski)
Co-Senior Woman Administrators (Kris Kistler and Kelly Bethke)
Dean of Students (Wes Brooks)
Dean of Enrollment (Kent Barnds)
Associate Director of Admissions (Eric Rowell)

Elected: Four faculty, two men and two women (two-year terms):

Brad Kennedy (2024)
Joanna Short (2024)
Mike Schroeder (2023)
Lisa Szafran (2023)

One men's coach appointed by the men coaches (Greg Wallace)
One women's coach appointed by the women coaches (Kelly Bethke)

A male representative appointed by the Student Athletic Advisory Committee
Jacob Brooks (2023)
A female representative appointed by the Student Athletic Advisory Committee
Jana George (2023)



To advise and make recommendations to the President and the Cabinet on matters regarding employee benefits.


Director of Human Resources (Mindy Zumdome)
Assistant Director of Human Resources (Leonna Ellis)
Chief Financial Officer & V.P. of Finance and Administration (Kirk Anderson), chair
Benefits and Leave Specialist (Cristina Rios)

Elected by Nom & Rules: Appointed to three-year staggered terms and renewable: one member representing each of the following:

Administration — Scott Dean (2023)
Clerical Staff — Cindy Schroeder (2024)
Facilities Staff — Josh Becker (2024)
Dining Services Staff  — Sarah Carter (2024)
Tenured Faculty — Joanna Short (2025)
Non-Tenured Faculty — Brad Kennedy (2023)
Faculty Liaison from Faculty Council — Amanda Wilmsmeyer (2025)

Non-voting members:

HR Generalist/Wellness Liaison: - Cristina Rios
Staff Accountant — Jill Harris
Scribe/Notetaker — Cristina Rios



To advise the President and Administration regarding priorities for budget building and the allocation of the financial resources of the College.


President of the College (Andrea Talentino), Ex Officio Member
Chief Business and Financial Officer (Kirk Anderson), chair
Dean of the College (Wendy Hilton-Morrow)
Vice President of Advancement (Kent Barnds)
Dean of Enrollment (Kent Barnds)
College Chaplain (Rev. Melinda Pupillo)
Dean of Students (Wes Brooks)

Elected: Two faculty nominated by Nominations and Rules, at least one of whom has an accounting background, and a second from Faculty Welfare Committee. Three-year terms.

Andrew Sward (2025)
Chris Marmé (2023)

Four from the non-academic staff (two-year terms):

Secretarial-Clerical — Michelle Heinrichs (2023)
Middle Administration — Jacob Bobbitt (2023)
Facilities Services — Robert Lanzerotti (2023)
Food Service — Fred Kurt (2023)

SGA President (Isabelle Jordan)
SGA Vice President (Sofia Briggs)



The Committee is the campus-wide advisory group on environmental sustainability issues advising the administration on the following:

a.  Provide analysis of sustainability issues related to the college's operations.

b.  Provide analysis of sustainability issues regarding campus construction projects (new buildings and renovations of existing buildings).

c.  Facilitate campus-wide discussion of environmental and sustainability issues and raise campus awareness of these issues through community events and convocations as well as other programs that challenge all members of the Augustana community to reduce their environmental footprint.

d.  Coordinate, promote, and expand campus recycling programs and other environmentally responsible programs with Facilities Services.

e.  Coordinate and promote student awareness of personal environmental responsibility with Residential Life and other offices of the Dean of Students.

f. Provide recommendations to the administration regarding future campus environmental and sustainability policies.

g. Advise the faculty, while respecting shared governance, about integrating issues of environmental sustainability into the curriculum.

h. Provide leadership in helping to build a consensus within the community for creating a smaller environmental footprint and educating the community about how to achieve that goal.


Campus Sustainability Coordinator - Bob Lanzerotti (chair)
Faculty Vice-Chair appointed by the Provost - Michael Reisner
Administrator appointed by the President - Kai Swanson
Chief Business & Financial Officer - Kirk Anderson          
Director of Residential Life - Chris Beyer

Membership - Elected: Three faculty members for three-year terms:

Forest Stonedahl (2025)
Adam Kaul (2023)
Olivia Melton (2024)

Membership - Appointed: 
One student appointed by SGA - Peyton Heisch (2023)
One student nominated by a student environmental organization and approved by the President: Jack Hughes (2023)



To recommend and support programmatic, staffing and policy change across campus in order to promote an environment that respects and honors difference by:

a. Identifying each year three to five initiatives to actively support from among those in Augustana’s Diversity Action Plan (DAP) (adopted by the President’s cabinet, 09/01/06).

b. Recommending, as necessary, changes to Augustana’s DAP to the President’s cabinet.

c. Recommending, as necessary, changes in the Human Dignity proviso (of the “Policy on Harassment, Discrimination and Human Dignity”) to the President’s cabinet.

d. Reporting on the state of DAP initiatives to the final Faculty meeting of each year.

e. Compiling, with the assistance of the Director of Institutional Research, a Diversity Action Dashboard of Indicators to monitor progress in implementing the goals of the DAP.

f. Evaluating, on a biennial basis, the need to create and support a sub-committee or sub-committees to address gender or other equity issues within the campus community.



OISSS Director (Xong Sony Yang)
OSID Director (Ashley Allen)
Associate Dean-  (Greg Domski)
Staff (Tsooane Molapo)
Staff- Admissions (Eric Rowell)
Administrator (VP & Dean) (Wes Brooks)
Vice President of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (Monica Smith), chair

Associate Dean (Greg Domski)

Faculty Volunteer (America Colmenares)

One administrator - Laura Kestner Ricketts

Asian Student Organization — Joyce Matanguihan & Madeline Herwig (2023)
Black Student Union — Alexis Osei-Kofi & Kenya Allen (2023)
Latinx Unidos —  Michelle Olguin & Anthony Silva (2023)
GSA (PRISM) — Karina Torres & Zion Thomas (2023)
Muslim Student Association (MSA) - Muna Juma & Arslaan Naseer (2023)
African Student Organization  - Silas Gilklay & Lamrot Kebede (2023)

Elected: Three members of faculty, recommended by Nominations and Rules (staggered 3-year terms). One of these will serve as Faculty Chair for a 1-year term.

Ashley Burge (2024)
M Wolff (2023)
Xiaowen Zhang (2025)



To determine and evaluate faculty concerns and priorities regarding the planning, development, and use of campus facilities and to convey them to the Administration and Board of Trustees.


Vice President of the College (Kent Barnds), chair
Chief Business and Financial Officer (Kirk Anderson)
Chair of the Faculty Council (Amanda Wilmsmeyer)

Elected: Four faculty, representing an area of campus and nominated by Nominations and Rules (three-year staggered terms).

Old Main, Denkmann, Brunner Center — Xiaowen Zhang (2024)
Olin, Swenson, Hanson Science, Planetarium — Scott Gehler (2024)
Bergendoff, Abbey House/Art Annex, Centennial Hall, Brodahl — Margaret Morse (2025) Dawn Farmer sabbatical leave Spring 2023 for M.Morse
Evald, Sorensen, Gerber Center, Lindberg Center, Carver Center, Library — Amanda Baugous (2025)

Three students appointed by SGA:

Katie Frese (2023)
Isabella Gmitrovic (2023)
Nishal Weems (2023)



To review and investigate allegations of academic misconduct.


Permanent- Non-voting:

 Associate Dean: Greg Domski

Coordinator: Patrick Crawford

Elected: Three faculty, nominated by Nominations and Rules (three-year staggered terms):
Katie Brown (2025)
TBD (2024)
Megan Lorenz (2023)

10 students (one selected to be chair, either junior or senior): In selecting members of the Honor Council, the Council should aim for balance between members of the senior, junior, and sophomore classes. There will be three officers of the Honor Council: a chair, a vice chair, secretary. A junior or senior member will be the chair, and student members will be the vice chair and secretary.

Mackenzie Norville (2023)
Isaac McConnell (2023)

Kara West (2023) Co-Chair
Amanda Quinn (2023) Vice-Chair
Jack Kaczmarek (2023) Secretary
TBD (2023)
TBD (2023)

Isabella Provinzino (2023) Co-Chair
Aubrey Lathrop (2023)
Joseph Marcucci (2023)



a. To monitor the permanent endowment that was established in 1982 to support special programs in the humanities.

b. To solicit proposals for speakers and field trips that are designed to provide student and faculty enrichment opportunities in the humanities.

c. To evaluate proposals for funding.

d. To prepare a yearly report of funding that is distributed to the faculty.



The Division Dean of Humanities and also chairs the committee: Umme Al-Wazedi (2025) 

Elected: (Elected by the following three divisions for a three-year term)

Arts & Communication — Jesse Rathgeber (2024)Margaret Morse sabbaticcal replacement Fall 2023 for J. Rathgeber
Humanities — M. Wolf  (2024)
Social Sciences — Fatima Sattar (2023)



To supervise and implement the guidelines of the IACUC in compliance with the policy and regulations of the Public Health Service as follows:

a. Maintain and enact procedures for self-monitoring

b. Maintain and enact an adequate veterinary care program

c. Maintain and enact an occupational health and safety program

d. Maintain and enact a program for housing and management of animals

e. Oversee appropriately maintained facilities for housing and support


The following members are appointed by the CEO of the organization (i.e., President of the College) for indefinite terms of office:

Chair: Ian Harrington

Institutional Representative:  Amanda Wilmsmeyer
One Doctor of Veterinary Medicine:  Roberta Milas, DVM
One Alternate Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

One individual who is not affiliated with the institution in any way other than as a member of the IACUC:  Shirley Johnson
One alternate member who is not affiliated with the institution in any way other than as a member of the IACUC

The following members are appointed by the CEO of the organization (i.e., President of the College) from faculty recommended by Nominations and Rules. Terms of office are as indicated.
Vice Chair (3 years):  Tierney Brosius (2022)

One practicing scientist from the faculty of a department that utilizes animals in programs of teaching and research (i.e., Biology or Psychology) (3 years)
Ian Harrington (2022), Chair; Troy Larson Spring sabbatical replacement for Ian Harrington

One alternate practicing scientist from the faculty of a department that utilizes animals in programs of teaching and research (i.e., Biology or Psychology) (3 years)
Shara Stough (2022)

One faculty member whose primary expertise is in a nonscientific area (3 years)
Ann Ericson (2024)

One alternate faculty member whose primary expertise is in a nonscientific area (3 years)
Rebecca Wee (2024)

One student recommended to the CEO of the organization by SGA (1 year)
Katie Frese (2023)



a. To interpret and implement the policy on “Research Involving Human  Subjects" (Code Federal Regulations - 45 CFR 46, revised June 19, 2018, effective January 21, 2019.)

b. To review and investigate allegations of misconduct in research conducted at, or sponsored by, Augustana College; and to report all findings and recommendations in these matters to the President of the College. 


Chair: The chair is appointed by the President or the Provost. Jeff Renaud (Humanities) (2024)

Administrative member: Appointed by the Dean of Student Life for a three-year term. Farrah Roberts (2025)

Community members: Two community members not currently affiliated with Augustana College, who serve one-year, renewable terms, appointed by the committee. Beth Stone (2023); Robert Gillespie (2023)

Student members: (non-voting) Two student members, appointed by the chair, serve one-year terms: Amy Bramley (2023); Natalie Freitag (2023)

Faculty: Six faculty (including the chair): faculty members on the IRB, with the exception of the chair, are appointed by Nom & Rules for three-year, staggered terms.

Faculty members should represent at least three different divisions.

At least one member should have research experience that does not involve human participants.

At least one member should have research experience that primarily includes human participants.

Lisa Szafran, (Social Sciences) (2024) 
Nadia Schwartz, (Social Sciences) (2024) 
Megan Lorenz (Social Sciences) (2023)
Jeff Mettler, (STEM) (2025) 
Dell Jensen, (STEM) (2025)
Jeff Renaud, Chair (Humanities) (2024)

Non-voting specialists: The IRB may, at its discretion, invite individuals with competence in special areas to assist in the review of issues requiring expertise beyond or in addition to that available on the IRB. These individuals may not vote with the IRB.



The sole purpose of the Harold T. Jaeke and Violet M. Jaeke Endowment is to recognize outstanding performance by members of the faculty and staff of Augustana college as reflected in personal leadership contributions that benefit students and the common life of the institution.  The endowment provides for an annual award (or awards) that will recognize and honor individuals who in the judgement of the selection committee reflect exceptional qualifications of this nature.


Dean of the College (chair)  (Wendy Hilton-Morrow)

Ex Officio:  Vice President of Advancement  (Kent Barnds)

Elected: Eight Faculty (2 per division) (no more than a three-year term)

STEM — Kevin Greedey (2025)
STEM — Reben Heine (2025)
Arts & Communication — David Schwartz (2025)

Arts & Communication - Ernesto Estigarribia (2025)
Humanities — David Ellis (2023)

Humanities - Nirmala Salgado (2025)

Social Sciences — Nadia Schwartz (2024)
Social Sciences — Megan Lorenz (2024)

One representative from Food Service (no more than three-year term and approval of the President of the College):

TBD (2023)

One representative from Facilities Services (no more than a three-year term and approval of  the President of the College):

TBD (2023)

One representative from Secretarial-Clerical staff with approval of the President of the College:

TBD (2023)

One representative from Admin staff with approval of the President of the College:

TBD (2023)

Two senior students among those possessing the highest grade-point averages as of the conclusion of their junior year:

TBA  (2023)
TBA  (2023)




Oversee and coordinate retention planning as an integrated cross-functional initiative ranging from initial recruitment to graduation

  • Identify key indicators along the student pathway and regularly review these data points
  • Identify and track historical and emerging at-risk student populations
  • Weigh the relative impact of individual retention initiatives; evaluate and suggest policy recommendations when appropriate
  • Report retention data, analysis, and policy or programming responses to all relevant internal and external campus constituencies


Institutional Research (Tšooane Molapo)
President (Steven Bahls)
Provost and Chief Academic Officer (Wendy Hilton-Morrow)
Vice President of Enrollment, Communication & Planning (Kent Barnds)
Chief Financial Officer & VP of Finance & Administration (Kirk Anderson)
Associate Dean of Student Success and Persistence (Kristin Douglas)
Chair of Faculty Council (Amanda Wilmsmeyer)
FYI Coordinator (Farah Marklevits)

15. RETIREMENT PLAN COMMITTEE (formerly Investment Review Committee)


To provide fiduciary oversight for the College’s retirement plan and associated account and investment options. Advise the College Treasurer on issues and recommend changes. Members appointed by Human Resources Department.


V.P. of Finance & Administration — Kirk Anderson
General Counsel— Sheri Curran
Director of Human Resources— Mindy Zumdome
Controller — Jacob Bobbitt
Benefits and Leave Specialist — Cristina Rios
Administration — Kristin Reinhardt
Two Faculty — Lisa Szafran (2023) and Olivia Melton (2023)
Consultant — Bill Karsten – PlanPilot, Tim Vieth – PlanPilot



To uphold and enforce the Augustana Code of Social Conduct.  Its authority shall be exercised in such a way as to instill a strong sense of self-discipline within the Augustana student.  The Student Judiciary's decisions shall not be merely punitive, but rather guidelines along which delinquent students might re-orient themselves according to the standards of the student community of which they are a part.  Keeping the best interests of the student body in mind, the Student Judiciary shall also serve in an advisory capacity in order to aid offenders in recognizing the seriousness of their offenses and the need for a re-evaluation of their actions.


Dean of Student Life or designated representative (Wes Brooks)
Two administrative members appointed by the President (two-year term):
TBD (2024)
TBA (2024)

Elected:  Four faculty (two-year terms) nominated by Nominations and Rules
Stacie Greene Hatfield (2023)
Alli Haskill (2023)
Rebecca Heick (2024)

David Thornblad (2024)

Seven students appointed by SGA:

Stuti Shrestha (2023)
Jay Nolledo (2023)
Motti Kelbessa(2023)
Jordan Francis (2023)

Justin Vollmuth (2023)

Diego Cruz (2023)

TBD (2023)
Two alternates:
Ethan Viet Bui (2023)
Josh Van Essen (2023)      
The Dean of Students or appointed representative shall be present at the meetings and shall serve in a non-voting advisory role.



a.    To ensure student success and persistence best practices are implemented throughout campus

b.   To ensure college policies set conditions for success

c.    To initiate strategic changes to improve overall retention and graduation rates

d.   To provide summaries to Retention Executive Committee

e.    To advise senior administration on policy matters and other retention-related issues


Associate Dean of Student Success and Persistence (Kristin Douglas), Chair
Associate Dean and Vice President of Student Life, Leadership & Engagement (Ken Brill)
Director of Residential Life (or appointee) (Chris Beyer)
Director of Athletics (Mike Zapolski)
Director of Multicultural and International Student Life (Xong Sony Yang )
Registrar (Liesl Fowler)
Director of First-Year Advising (Mary Windeknecht)
Director of Advising (Mary Windeknecht)
FYI Coordinator (Farah Marklevits)
Institutional Research (Tšooane Molapo)
Coordinator of Student Success Services (or appointee from Learning Commons) (Alex Crawford)

Elected: Two faculty members to be appointed by Nominations and Rules (three-year term)

Marmata Marmé (2024)
Pam Trotter (2023)



To review matters related to student life, including academic standing, problems of discipline, questions concerning housing and student organizations, and to develop and recommend policy changes concerning these various aspects of student life. College policies related to these activities are interpreted and enforced by this committee. The power of the faculty to expel students for cause shall be exercised through this committee.


Dean of Student Life (chair) (Wes Brooks)
Associate Dean of Students (Laura Schnack)
Director of Records (Liesl Fowler)

Elected: Four faculty (two-year terms) nominated by Nominations and Rules:

Sarah Lashley (2024); 
Allie Barringer (2024)
Anne Earel (2023)
Dawn Farmer (2023)

Four students appointed by SGA:

Isabelle Jordan (2023)
Rachel Nandelenga (2023)
Alexis Osei Kofi (2023)
Sofia Briggs (2023)



a.   Ensure programming, policies, and processes align with the mission statement of the Augustana College Teaching Museum of Art

b.   Provide input on areas of foci and approved uses of permanent collection, consistent with the mission of the museum.

c.   Provide input on program plan (including the schedule of exhibitions) for each academic year.

d.   Review and advise the president’s cabinet concerning budgets and budget priorities.

e.   Periodically review collection and, following museum policies, make accession and deaccession recommendations to appropriate person or body.


Chair, selected by the President – Michael Zemek
Advancement representative, selected by Vice President of External Relations – Lori Roderick
One or two alumni or friends appointed by the President – George Olson (inactive), Veronica Smith
One administrator/faculty member with general collections experience, appointed by the Dean of the College – Lisa Huntsha
Director of the Teaching Museum of Art, permanent member – TBA
Two faculty members each from Art Department, representing two different programs – Graphic Design, Studio Art, Art History, selected by the department (three-year terms)

Margaret Morse (2024)
Megan Quinn (2023)

Four faculty members from other departments representing at least three different academic divisions, appointed by the Dean of the College (three-year terms)

TBD (2024)
TBD (2024)

TBD (2025)
TBD (2025)