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Division and department chairs

2020-2021 Academic Year

Fine and Performing Arts

Margaret Morse, Division Chair

Art Kelvin Mason
Communication Sciences and Disorders Alli Haskill
Communication Studies David Snowball
Music James Lambrecht and John Pfautz
Theatre Arts Jeff Coussens (Sabbatical - Spring); Jennifer Popple (Acting Chair - Spring)

Language and Literature

Umme Al-Wazedi, Division Chair

Classics Kirsten Day
English Meg Gillette
World Languages, Literature, and Cultures Lisa Seidlitz

Natural Science

Michael Wolf, Division Chair

Biology Kimberly Murphy
Chemistry Greg Domski and Patrick Crawford
Geography Jennifer Burnham (Sabbatical - Fall); Chris Strunk (Acting Chair - Fall)
Geology Jeff Strasser
Mathematics and Computer Science Stacey Rodman
Physics and Astronomy Nathan Frank

History, Philosophy, and Religion

Doug Parvin, Division Chair

History Lendol Calder
Philosophy Heidi Storl (Sabbatical - Spring); Tim Bloser (Acting Chair - Spring)
Religion Nirmala Salgado

Business and Education

Chris Marmé, Division Chair

Accounting John Delaney
Business Administration Amanda Baugous and Ann Ericson (Sabbatical - Spring)
Economics Chris Marmé
Education Michael Scarlett
Physical Education Michael Zapolski

Social Science

Mariano Magalhães, Division Chair

Political Science Xiaowen Zhang 
Psychology Ian Harrington (Sabbatical - Spring); Mark Vincent (Acting Chair - Spring)
Sociology, Anthropology, and Social Welfare Carrie Hough

Interdisciplinary Programs

Africana Studies John Pfautz
Asian Studies Mari Nagase and Peter Xiao
Data Analytics Marty Coe
Environmental Studies Jason Koontz and Michael Reisner (Sabbatical - Fall)
Ethics (minor) Tim Bloser and Dan Lee
Field Stations Steve Hager (Sabbatical - Spring)
First Year Inquiry Brian Leech
Honors Megan Havard-Rockwell
Latin American Studies Chris Strunk and Lauren Hammond
Neuroscience Shara Stough
Public Health Dara Wegman-Geedey
Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Jennifer Heacock-Renaud and Umme Al-wazedi