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All Employee Handbook

Introduction and Purpose

This All Employee Handbook outlines policies and benefits that apply to all College employees, including faculty, staff and administrative employees. It is designed to provide general guidance concerning the college’s employment policies, work rules and benefits. This handbook is not a contract of employment with the college. There is a separate handbook for faculty employees and additional policies applicable only to staff and administrative employees contained in Section V of this document. If there is a conflict between a policy in this handbook and the faculty handbook, the faculty handbook policy will prevail. The college reserves the right to revise this handbook as appropriate, at any time and without any advance notice, and to implement changes in policy even if they are not communicated in this handbook.

This All Employee Handbook updates certain policies that were previously set forth in other handbooks and manuals; the policies in the All Employee Handbook are the most recent version of the policy or benefit description. There are some notations in this handbook regarding policies applicable to students and the purpose of those references is for a complete policy reference, but this All Employee Handbook is not otherwise applicable to students.

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