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Computer Science

Computer science majors often intern with Deere & Co., with its headquarters in the Quad Cities.

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Augustana College offers a major and a minor in computer science.


Computer science majors often work part-time following their first year on campus. Students gain experience by working for Augustana's Information Technology Services or joining the college's student-run Web Guild.

Recent graduates

Megan Janssen '18 is a software engineer at ESPN's Fantasy Applications team.

Zineb Zirari '18 is a financial analyst for Prudential International Insurance in New Jersey.

Abby Thomson '17 is pursuing a master's of Information Science at Indiana University-Bloomington.

Kyle Zeberlein '17 is a data scientist with Fidelity Investments in Boston.

Lauren Johnson '17 is pursuing a Ph.D. in bioengineering at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Danya Tazyeen '16 is working in systems and application development at John Deere in Moline, Ill.

Jacob Self '15 is a senior staff auditor with IT Assurance at Crowe Horwath LLP. in Chicago.

Daniel Scannura ’12 is an IT specialist for radiation oncology at the University of Colorado Denver.

Zain Dada '12 is a technical specialist at Google Enterprise.

Rebecca Noffsinger '11 is a user experience designer at Fuzzy Math in Chicago.


Computer science students have the opportunity to work with two faculty members with a PhD in computer science—a rare opportunity for undergraduates at a college of Augustana’s size. At the same time, with its strong liberal arts foundation, an Augustana education provides students in the hard sciences and pre-professional programs with a special depth of focus accompanied by a rich range of knowledge.

The computer science curriculum focuses on the representation, manipulation and storage of information in computer systems. Its range includes the study of programming languages, computer architecture, networks and the global internet, operating systems, data structures, algorithms and database management.

Most computer science students take calculus and an introduction to computer science during their first year, followed by discrete mathematics in the first term of their second year. Discrete mathematics is a bridge between calculus and other math and computer science courses.

All students complete Senior Inquiry, a focused, topical capstone project that draws from the student’s comprehensive learning experience and demonstrates benefit to a community. In computer science, seniors apply the software development process to specify, design, implement and test a major software project in teams. This capstone project also includes focus on social and ethical issues, a reflective written evaluation and an oral presentation.

What students say

Ben Fischer '13, computer science major, software engineer at

"Augie was a great fit for me. I loved my CS classes and I loved debating and I especially loved working with local businesses through the Augie Web Guild. My teachers always worked with me so that I could manage all three of those commitments, and I really appreciate that. I ended up landing a cool job in Chicago at as a software engineer where I have been able to continue learning and growing."

Benjamin K. Knapper '15, computer science and applied mathematics; IT consulting associate for McGladrey, Des Moines, Iowa

"I came to Augustana because of the people and relationships. I felt like I was at home when I visited the campus and knew I would find success here. I wanted college to be a time where I could develop academically, mature intellectually and become who
I wanted to be."

Andy Shearouse '15, computer science and business administration majors, mathematics minor; Fellow in Augustana's EDGE (Entrepreneurial) Center

"I grew up in the Quad Cities and always wanted to go to Augustana. I was already familiar with the campus, and in many ways I was eager to follow in the footsteps of my two older brothers, who are both Augie grads. The Entrepreneurial Center also was a selling point, as no other college has a program exactly like it.

The biggest surprise was my growth as a presenter. When I began at Augustana, I dreaded giving presentations; nothing made me more nervous than
standing in front of a group of people and talking. Yet, by the end of my junior year, I had become part of the ADs presentation team and had become very comfortable making a presentation."

Ryan Brummet '13, computer science; Graduate student in computer science at the University of Iowa

"At Augustana I had the privilege of actually knowing my professors and them actually knowing me beyond the professional courtesy of knowing each other's names. Because of my close relationships with professors, I was able to augment my education in a way that is very rare."

Paige Cordle '13, computer science and mathematics; Oracle Applications analyst, Trinity Logistics Corporation, Davenport, Iowa

"I absolutely feel prepared for my future, whether it be continuing in the professional world or going back to school to get further education. The department enabled me to form not only academic relationships with my professors, but also personal relationships. This made it so easy to feel comfortable going in and asking for help.

Instead of learning a lot about one certain area of computer science, I was able to learn about many different areas. This is something I am very thankful for, as I feel comfortable speaking to IT professionals in all areas of the field (hardware and software), and not just the database part I am currently working in."

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