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Exploring majors

No major in mind? No problem at all. In fact, that’s an exciting place to be at Augustana.

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The beauty of an Augustana liberal arts education is that you’re introduced to a world of ideas and options. Explore what sparks you, with professors and career coaches as your guides. You’ll be able to follow your curiosity, and act on what you discover.

Many students who arrive with a planned major change their direction, or expand on it. Others spend their first year exploring fields, and graduate in four years with two or three majors or minors.

No matter what field(s) you choose, you’ll graduate from Augustana prepared to be a well-rounded thinker, ethical citizen, excellent communicator and versatile problem-solver. That’s good for any future success.

100+ majors, minors and related academic programs; more than 50% of students have more than one major. Newest academic programs are data analytics, film, kinesiology, and geographic information science and technology (GIS).

Career coaches in CORE (Careers, Opportunities, Research, Exploration) align with broader fields of interest rather than specific majors. This creates more awareness and access to a variety of paths, including careers, graduate school, internships and community commitments.

The Quad Cities (pop. 450,000) along the Mississippi River is an ideal learning laboratory, offering employment, internships, research sites, museums, performing arts, and many clinical and student-teaching settings. 

Your $2,000 Augie Choice funds a high-impact learning experience such as study abroad, an internship, research or creative project. Use your Augie Choice to explore a field and/or get ahead on your chosen path.