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Health and Physical Education


HEPE courses for study only (no major offered) 

MARK BEINBORN, Instructor, Head Women's Basketball Coach
B.S., University of Dubuque; M.A. Liberty University

STEPHEN BELL, Instructor, Head Football Coach
B.S., Bemidji State

KELLY BETHKE, Instructor, Head Women's Volleyball Coach
B.S., University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire; M.A., University of Wisconsin-La Crosse

JAY CLARK, Instructor, Assistant Athletic Trainer
B.S., Illinois State University; M.Ed., University of Virginia

PAUL DEL VECCHIO, Instructor, Head Men's Golf Coach
Associate of Arts degree from Pima (Arizona) Community College

MICHAEL DUCEY, Instructor, Head Men's Volleyball Coach
B.S., Graceland University

SEAN FAULKNER, Instructor, Assistant Athletic Trainer
B.S.,University of Iowa; M.S. Lindenwood University

JUSTIN HAUER, Instructor, Assistant Baseball Coach
B.S., Illinois State University

CAROLINE HOLDER, Instructor, Head Women's Lacrosse Coach
B.A., University of Maryland-Baltimore County, M.S., Stevenson University

THOMAS JESSEE, Instructor, Head Men's Basketball Coach
B.A., Augustana College; M.A., Western Illinois University

KEEGAN JONES, Instructor, Assistant Football Coach
B.A., Monmouth College; M.S. East Stroudsburg University

KRIS KISTLER, Instructor, Head Softball Coach
B.A., Eureka College; M.S., Illinois State University

BRIAN KRIER, Instructor, Assistant Football Coach
B.A., Monmouth College

THOMAS LAWRENCE, Instructor, Head Women's Golf Coach
B.A., Augustana College

DANIEL LLOYD, Instructor, Head Men's & Women's Swim Coach
B.S., Millikin University

RICHARD MALONEY, Instructor, Assistant Football Coach
B.S., University of Massachusetts; M.S., University of Albany

SCOTT M. MEJIA, Instructor, Head Women's Soccer Coach
B.S., Edgewood College; M.S., Western Illinois University

JONATHAN MIEDEMA, Instructor, Head Men's and Women's Tennis Coach
B.A. Calvin College

RYAN PRYOR, Instructor, Head Men’s and Women’s Water Polo Coach
B.A., University of Michigan; J.D., University of Michigan

DAVID RAGONE, Instructor, Assistant Football Coach
B.S., Ursinus; M.S., Bemidji State

MICHAEL REGAN, Instructor, Head Men's Soccer Coach
B.S., Marycrest International; M.B.A., Ashford University

JACOB SHAVER, Instructor, Head Men's Cross Country and Track Coach
B.A., Augustana College; M.A.T.,National Louis University

ANNA SMITH, Instructor, Associate Athletic Trainer
B.S., Weber State; M.S., Ohio University (Athens)

ISAAC SMITH, Instructor, Assistant Men’s Cross Country and Track Coach
B.A., Augustana College

DAIVD THOMPSON, Instructor, Head Women's Cross Country and Track Coach
B.A., North Central College

DANIEL TORIE, Instructor, Head Men's Lacrosse Coach
B.A., Susquehanna University

GREGORY WALLACE, Instructor, Head Baseball Coach
B.A., Augustana College; M.Ed., Frostburg State University

ANTHONY WILLAERT, Instructor, Head Men's and Women's Wrestling Coach
B.A., Saint Johns University-Minnesota

DENISE YODER, Instructor, Head Athletic Trainer
B.A., Augustana College; M.S., Ohio University (Athens)

COLIN YOUNG, Instructor, Assistant Women’s Cross Country and Track Coach
B.A., North Central College; M.S., University of Tennessee; PhD, University of Tennessee

MICHAEL ZAPOLSKI, Instructor, HEPE Program Coordinator, Director of Athletics
B.A., M.B.A., Pepperdine University

Health courses (HEPE)

Wellness Coordinator Denise Yoder

241 Lifetime Wellness (1)
Students should take course before the junior year or transfer an approved course from a degree-granting institution.

Other Health electives

(elective Health courses do not count to fulfill the HEPE activity requirement for graduation)

213 Prevention and Treatment of Athletic Injuries (2)
Two hours of theory and lab weekly. Prerequisite: HEPE 140 or equivalent First Aid and CPR certification.

250 Orthopedic Taping, Wrapping and Bracing (2)
Taping, wrapping and bracing for the protection and prevention of sports injuries. Understanding the mechanism of injury as a crucial part for effective taping and bracing. Prerequisites: BIOL-213

370 Orthopedic Evaluation of Athletic Injuries (4)
This course is designed to provide students with specific knowledge and practical skills to perform a clinical evaluation of the upper extremity, lower extremity and spine. Prerequisites: BIOL-213, BIOL-255 or permission of instructor.

371 Orthopedic Rehabilitation of Athletic Injuries (4)
This class will focus on the treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries of the upper extremity, lower extremity and torso, including the phases of tissue healing and basic components and goals of a rehabilitation program. Prerequisites: BIOL-213, BIOL-370, BIOL-255 or permission of the instructor.

470 Seminar in Sports Medicine (4)
A senior seminar involving various topics associated with sports medicine. Topics will include administrative and budget considerations, therapeutic modalities and legal issues as they relate to sports medicine. Prerequisites: 213, BIOL 255, BIOL 358 or permission of instructor.

Physical Education Activity Courses (HEPE)

Two activity courses are required for Bachelor of Arts candidates. No activity courses may be repeated for credit. No more than 3 activity credits may count toward total number of credits for the degree. To meet the degree requirements, students must select two P suffix activity courses from the list below. Activity courses are open to students at all knowledge and skill levels.

Activity Courses (PEA Suffix)

HEPE-101 Physical Conditioning
*HEPE-103 Volleyball
HEPE-111 Badminton
*HEPE-112 Tennis
HEPE-116 Weight Training
*HEPE-117 Swimming
HEPE-118 Racquetball
HEPE-119 Scuba Training
HEPE-121 Archery
HEPE-122 Aerobic Dance
HEPE-123 Jazz Dance
HEPE-130 Bowling
HEPE-131 Canoeing
*HEPE-132 Golf
HEPE-133 Ballet
HEPE-134 Square and Folk Dance
*HEPE-135 Beginning Modern Dance
HEPE-136 Skiing
HEPE-138 Cycling
HEPE-139 Social Dance
HEPE-166 Movement in Elementary Classrooms
HEPE-200 Varsity Football
HEPE-201 Varsity Cross Country
HEPE-202 Varsity Basketball
*HEPE-203 Varsity Swimming
HEPE-204 Varsity Wrestling
HEPE-205 Varsity Baseball
*HEPE-206 Varsity Tennis
HEPE-207 Varsity Track & Field
*HEPE-208 Varsity Golf
*HEPE-209 Varsity Volleyball
HEPE 10 Varsity Bowling
HEPE-222 Varsity Softball
HEPE-223 Varsity Lacrosse
HEPE-224 Varsity Soccer
HEPE-225-01 Crew - Club
HEPE-225-02 Cheerleading - Club
HEPE-225-03 Dance Company - Club
HEPE-225-04 Equestrian - Club
HEPE-225-06 Poms - Club
HEPE-225-07 Men's Rugby - Club
HEPE-225-08 Men's Volleyball - Club
HEPE-225-09 Ultimate Frisbee - Club
HEPE-225-10 Fencing - Club
HEPE-225-12 Water Polo - Club
HEPE-225-13 Badminton - Club
HEPE-225-15 Women's Soccer - Club
HEPE-225-16 Men's Soccer - Club
HEPE-225-17 Women's Volleyball - Club
HEPE-225-18 Men's Basketball - Club
HEPE-225-19 Women's Basketball - Club
HEPE-225-21 Paintball - Club
HEPE-225-22 Baseball - Club
HEPE-225-23 Equestrian - Competitive Team
HEPE-225-24 Quidditch - Club
HEPE-225-25 Softball - Club
HEPE-225-26 UNYK - Club
HEPE-225-27 Bowling-Club
HEPE-233 Movement and Dance for Educators
*HEPE-235 Intermediate/Advanced Modern Dance
HEPE-236 Movement and Dance for Educators


  • Varsity Sports: Student athletes may register for their sport for credit one time to fulfill one of the required HEPE (PEA) requirements for graduation. Students must take the responsibility to register themselves for this course during the semester it is taken and it may not be added for a previous term or academic year. Students who do not make a varsity team, choose to leave a team, become injured or cannot successfully complete the season for any reason are required to drop the course. The enrollment and drop process will not be handled by the Registrar, the advisor or the athletic department. As is the case with all credit-bearing coursework, it is the responsibility for the student to assure proper registration. 
  • Club Sports: ENROLLMENT LIMITATIONS ON ACTIVITY (PEA) DEGREE REQUIREMENTS: Select club sports can be utilized to fulfill the HEPE activity requirement toward the degree. Approved HEPE club sports will be graded Pass/No Credit. Students enrolling in Pass/No Credit HEPE club courses must participate in a minimum of 70 percent of all of the club's practices and competitions to meet the requirements for passing. In addition, students who enroll in these courses are acknowledging they understand the Pass/No-Credit policy noted in the grading section of this catalog. Information about the status of any of these courses should be addressed through Don Umland, Mike Zapolski or the Office of the Registrar. Graded HEPE courses may be taken P/NC by using a separate form, but only one activity requirement (PEA) may be taken as P/NC in order to meet graduation requirements. Activity (PEA) courses may not be taken as IND or DIR courses to fulfill the PEA requirement. See the Degree Requirements or Individual Studies for more information. 

Exception: Club sports with a paid coach will follow the standard letter grading system. Those classes include:

HEPE - 225 - 01: Crew

HEPE - 225 - 02: Cheerleading

HEPE - 225 - 03: Dance Company

HEPE - 225 - 04: Equestrian

HEPE - 225 - 23: Equestrian - Competitive

Graded club sport courses will have specific attendance and participation policies outlined in the course syllabus from the coach. If there is not a syllabus, then the 70% attendance policy for pass/no credit club sports will apply.

All club sport courses will adhere to the college add/drop enrollment policies and deadlines.

*Students may not repeat a skill/topic with a different course number to fulfill the P suffix. Students may take one but not both skill/topic courses below to fulfill the P requirement:

HEPE-103 Volleyball or 209 Varsity Volleyball
HEPE-112 Tennis or 206 Varsity Tennis
HEPE-117 Beginning Swimming or 203 Varsity Swimming
HEPE-132 Golf or 208 Varsity Golf
HEPE-135 Beginning Modern Dance or 235 Intermediate Modern Dance

Elective HEPE Courses

(elective HEPE courses do not count to fulfill the HEPE activity requirement for graduation)

Some courses are offered every other year; consult master schedule in Arches for terms offered

HEPE-140 First Aid and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
HEPE-239 Coaching and Officiating Volleyball
HEPE-241 Coaching and Officiating Football
HEPE-242 Coaching and Officiating Basketball
HEPE-243 Coaching and Officiating Baseball
HEPE-244 Coaching and Officiating Track & Field
HEPE-245 Coaching and Officiating Wrestling
HEPE-248 Coaching and Officiating Softball

HEPE Course Transfer Credit Policy

The policy is to accept transfer credit only for approved health or physical education courses offered, taught and transcripted by accredited colleges and universities. Approved courses must be taught as a regular class and have a course description printed in the institution's official course catalog.


Coach Paul Olsen

For Ols, the goal was always the journey

Paul Olsen will retire this June after being the head men’s cross country coach at Augustana since 1966, and the head track and field coach since 1969.