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Student projects in religion

Junior Lori Dantuma, a creative writing major from Rockton, Ill., prepared this project for RELG 155 (Encountering Religion) taught by Susan Townzen

The project was designed as a travel journal through the Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

Autumn Peele

Celebration of Learning showcases the work behind the future of students

From art and anthropology to philosophy and physics, nearly 100 students shared their research and creative projects during Augustana's virtual Celebration of Learning.

Annelisa Burns

Hasselmo winner to explore where religion, environmentalism intersect

A triple major in religion, English and German studies, Annelisa Burns '22 of Naperville, Ill., is the winner of the 2021 Hasselmo Award for Academic Pursuit.

Dr. Jason Mahn

Professor fills empty classroom with sense of normalcy

Dr. Jason Mahn conducts his Encountering Religion class in an empty Old Main as a way of anchoring his students.