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Internships combine classroom theory with a structured, supervised work experience, providing the opportunity to link the academic experience with future career aspirations or community service objectives. Students undertake internships with intentional learning goals and a plan for reflection on the experience. An internship enhances personal, professional and educational development, bridging the gap between the classroom and the "real world". 

Depending on the area of study, students may receive credit towards major/minor requirements, senior inquiry, or elective credit. Internships can be paid or unpaid. Students are able to receive academic credit for paid internships.

Qualifications for Internships
Students are eligible to apply for an internship following successful completion of one term at Augustana College. However, most students will not be approved for an internship until they have completed at least one year of college coursework at Augustana.  Part-time and non-degree students are not eligible for internships. This includes students who have already earned their degree. 

Students are required to have internship counseling preparation within their major department or in CORE prior to starting any internship. In order to receive credit for the experience, the internship experience must meet the following criteria: 

•    Takes place during an academic term (Fall Semester, J-Term, Spring Semester, Summer.) 
•    Takes place at an established organization, non-profit, agency, business, etc. Internships should generally not be conducted at a student’s family-owned business, but may be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.) 
•    Includes meaningful work that focuses on developing skills, knowledge, and abilities applicable to future career or academic pursuits.
•    Includes a supervisor (on site or remote) with regular check-in meetings to discuss progress toward work, review internship goals, and write a final evaluation


Internships range from 0-12 credits and span varying time frames. Students must log 40 work hours for a 0, .25, and 1 credit internship. Internships for more than 1 credit require an additional 35- 40 hours of student work for each unit of credit awarded. Students must also complete several assignments including an internship reflection. Internships must be approved by the academic advisor and the faculty member supervising the internship. Students must register for internships through the Assistant Director of Internships in the Career Development & Vocation Office. All registered internships will appear on the official transcript.

International students must register internships (paid or unpaid) for credit per federal regulations. The .25 credit option fulfills this federal regulation and allows students to complete an experiential internship without incurring additional tuition fees. Domestic students may choose to register 0 or .25 credit internships in order to receive grant funding and have their experience reflected on their academic transcript. This provides the flexibility of allowing students to have the experience on their transcript and receive supervision and support from the college. Students are limited to two internships at .25 credit toward their degree. 

If an internship is taken during the academic year, credits included with tuition can include internship credits. Students should carefully consult the overload fee policy before registering for an internship so they understand how their internship credits may be applied toward their regular tuition and fees for the year. Students who take a .25 internship and these credits take them over the maximum credits allowed with full time tuition will not have to pay an overload for the .25 credits.

J-term internships require a minimum of 1 credit of enrollment, and cannot be taken for more than 4 credits. J-term internships cannot be taken for credit if the student is enrolled in another J-Term course.

If the internship is taken in the summer there are two options: For internships taken for 0 or .25 credit, there is no charge for credit. For internships taken for 1 or more credits, the cost per credit is the current summer credit rate as determined by the college and is not covered by financial aid. 

Credits must be earned in the term for which the internship was completed. See credit policy for details. Internship credits cannot be earned retroactively. Students engaged in an internship that requires more than one term to complete (including during summer term) will need to register for separate internship experiences. All hours and graded work for the internship must be completed by the last of the term as defined in the Academic Calendar

Internship credits (or similar experiences) are not accepted as part of the transfer process. However, if a current student wishes to participate in a pre-approved, special internship program with another institution, they may consult with the internships office and the registrar about obtaining an exception. 

Due to regulatory reporting requirements, registration for internships must meet all published enrollment deadlines. In rare circumstances, students may petition the Committee on Advanced Standing and Degrees to be granted permission to add an internship past the deadline. In those cases, students will be charged a late registration fee, as determined by the College. Students must register the internship during the term the work is completed. 

In the event of an error in a student’s internship credit registration, the student must notify the Registrar’s Office or the Assistant Director of Internships as soon as possible, and no later than the end of the academic term where the student participated in the internship.


The majority of credit-bearing internships are graded pass/no-credit.* The internship supervisor (faculty member or CORE staff member) will assign a final grade of P or NC for internships. Pass/No Credit internships do not impact the student grade point average, but unsuccessful completion may impact financial aid and satisfactory progress toward the major and/or the degree. Zero-credit internships are given a letter grade (A-F) but will not impact the grade point average.

*Some special Augustana study away experiences and programs may have a graded component. Some departments have chosen to have graded internships. In these cases, a letter grade (A – F) may be assigned for all or part of the experience and will impact the student grade point average.  If you have a question as to whether your program or internship is one of the graded experiences, see your major requirements in the academic catalog or speak to the Assistant Director of Internships. 

Internships and Credits toward the Major and Degree

The academic department determines the maximum number of internship credits a student may count toward the major and if a staff member in CORE or a faculty member may supervise the internship. Students should see their academic advisor to determine how many credits are advised and if requirements toward the degree may be fulfilled with internship credits. Internship credits are exempt from the departmental credit maximum hours that may be applied to the major. 

Internship credits that are not taken to fulfill requirements for a student’s major can be taken as 300- level elective credits. 

Regardless of the kind of internship taken, whether the student is part-time or full-time, degree-seeking or not, and regardless of the total number of credits taken at the college, Augustana awards a maximum of twelve (12) credits of internship to a student record. If a student wishes to participate in additional internship opportunities beyond the twelve credits, those credits will not count toward the 124 credits to graduate or a student may take the internship for zero credit.

Summer Internships

Summer Internships take place after spring term graduation, meet all hourly requirements of the internship and conclude on or before the end of the summer session. Incomplete grades are not permitted and all hours must be completed within the defined parameters of the academic term. Students may not overlap summer internship hours with summer coursework at Augustana. Students who wish to take a summer course may take a maximum of 8 internships hours in July and August. Student are limited to a maximum of 12 credits of combined coursework, internships, research, study away and independent work in the summer.  Registration, tuition, fees and policies related to these internships will be applied to the summer record. 

Students cannot participate in an internship after they have graduated. If a graduating senior wants to participate in an internship after their final term of coursework, they will need to delay their graduation to the end of the summer term.  Students in this situation should consult the delay in graduation guide and understand that an intentional delay of graduation may result in forfeiture of institutional and federal aid and/or scholarships. Students who wish to be summer graduates may not participate in an internship experience if the internship experience is required. Some exclusions for participation in a late summer internship apply (such as restrictions on international study.) 

updated 5.20.24

Faculty Adopted 2-9-18

Procedures for Internship Registration

Students must register for all internships through Handshake with the Assistant Director of Internships (visit the Career Development & Vocation website for more information on internship registration). Visit the Career Development & Vocation office in CORE (Olin Center) for more information about finding and preparing for an internship. Please contact the Assistant Director of Internships in the Career Development & Vocation Office (Olin Center) with questions regarding internship registration and credits.