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Placement Examinations

2024-25 Academic Catalog Page 

Second Languages

Students who have studied a second language in high school are encouraged to use that knowledge at Augustana. They may apply it toward meeting the graduation requirement in a second language and may qualify for enrollment in advanced courses. 

Students who want to study a language offered at Augustana (Chinese, French, German, Greek, Japanese, Latin, Spanish, Swedish) and who have experience in that language — whether in high school or in a non-academic context — must take a placement test before registering. The World Languages, Literatures and Cultures department conduct online placement tests prior to Orientation and Registration. These departments and the students’ faculty advisors then continue to provide advising regarding language study as needed.

Students who have satisfied the second language requirement are not required to take a placement test if they do not plan to continue language study.


Placement into mathematics courses is determined by a student's Math Index Score (MIS) calculated from the high school GPA and the math subscore of the ACT or SAT. Incoming students can see their Math Index Score by logging in to Arches prior to their Orientation & Registration date. 

Students who did not take the ACT or SAT but need a math placement can use the ALEKS PPL program to demonstrate their skill level. For more information, contact the Office of Advising at

NOTE! Students should also consult the college policy on providing placement scores to external audiences if they have questions.