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Code of ethics for internship and job searches

According to its mission statement Augustana College " committed to offering a challenging education that develops qualities of mind, spirit, and body." To achieve this goal Augustana expects its community to practice honor and integrity both in and outside of the classroom. This includes the internship and job search process including recruitment, interviewing, acceptance, and job placement.

Your actions and your professionalism are a direct reflection of you, your classmates, faculty members, and the college as a whole. By using CORE services (i.e. Augie Hub, ProFair, on-campus interviewing, career counseling, etc.) you agree to abide by these guidelines of ethical behavior.

Consider your priorities

When making your decision to apply, interview, or accept an offer for an internship or job, it is important to consider your priorities. If it is important to you to remain in close proximity to friends, family, significant other, etc. you must be clear about that during your interview process. If you are willing to relocate to other places, you must be clear about that as well. It is your right to define and claim your own priorities for your life and career.

Honoring your commitment

If you are offered a position and accept, it is unethical and unprofessional to interview with other employers, search for new opportunities, or later change your mind and decline the offer. By accepting the position (verbally or written), you are making a professional commitment to the employer.

Not honoring this commitment will likely result in detrimental repercussions for your own reputation, the employer, the college, and ultimately your future career. By fully considering your priorities, you should be in a position to accept only a position you intend to take.

Employers will not hesitate to contact the college to report unethical behavior. This type of behavior damages the credibility of Augustana College and the college's ability to help students with internship and job placement.

Resumes, cover letters and job applications:

When applying for jobs and other opportunities, it is imperative that you are completely honest on all documents submitted to the employer. This includes educational information, work history, activities and GPA (if listed). For example, your GPA must reflect what is listed on Arches and your official academic transcript. It is unethical to round up or change your GPA. In addition to this, all of your documents and applications must be original, truthful and not a copy of others' work.


It is critical to conduct yourself in a professional and honest manner throughout the interview process. Answer all questions honestly. Be truthful; do not embellish your experiences and skills.

It is unacceptable to take interviews from employers in which you have no interest in order to practice interviewing.

A good way to practice interview skills is to contact the CORE office to schedule a mock interview and for advice on how to have a successful interview.

With regard to on-campus recruiting, you must adhere to the CORE policy regarding no-shows and cancellations. You make a commitment to the employer as soon as you sign up for an interview. Do not cancel this interview unless you are ill or an emergency arises, in which case you must contact CORE and the employer as early as possible.

If you have already accepted another position, you should no longer participate in any CORE facilitated interviews, and should not interview at all.

Accepting an internship or job offer

When you accept an internship or job with an employer (verbally or written), you are committed to work for that organization. You must accept the offer with absolute certainty. If you have any doubts about the position, location, organization, etc., do NOT accept the position. Instead, request more time before committing, seek as much information as possible from the employer to aid in your decision, and schedule an appointment with a career counselor to discuss your options.

If you are applying to multiple positions at the same time, please consult with the CORE office to ensure that you navigate the process strategically and ethically. You will need to communicate with all employers and negotiate appropriate timelines for decisions.

If you receive multiple offers, you may choose to meet with a career counselor to help you accept or decline an offer. Do not continue to apply and/or interview with other employers once you have accepted a position.

Violations of this code

Violations of this code of ethics are serious and reflect negatively on both you and Augustana College and negatively impact future opportunities for our students. Possible repercussions of violating this policy may include:

  • Required meeting with CORE staff to discuss violation
  • Partial or complete restriction to the programs and services of CORE (including AugieHub, ProFair, workshops/events, on campus interviews, alumni career assistance etc.)

Aug. 8, 2016