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Student employment at Augustana College

All degree-seeking students enrolled at Augustana College at least half-time (4 credits) may apply to work on campus. 

How many hours can I work on campus?

Domestic students - Maximum of 10 hours a week; additional hours may be worked through the Flexible Employment Program (FEP).

International students - Maximum of 20 hours a week including those hours worked through the Flexible Employment Program (FEP).

  • The total number of hours allowed each week includes work even if a student has multiple jobs
  • There are certain jobs on campus, such as Community Advisors (CA) where having a second job is prohibited
  • Students are expected to inform all supervisors of other jobs they may already have on campus
  • Illinois Law Requires Breaks. Illinois employers must provide a break to employees who work at least seven and a half continuous hours. This break must be at least 20 minutes long, and it must start no later than five hours after the beginning of the shift.
  • Work during the summer or academic break is dependent upon the individual department or office. During these times, a student may not work over 40 hours a week. Students seeking employment over breaks should contact their on campus employer about whether work is available.
How much will I get paid? 

The IL minimum wage of $8.25 an hour.

Getting started

Complete required tax forms.

Before starting any position, students will need to complete required tax forms and show identification.  

On-Campus Employment and Flexible Employment Program:

Incoming students may complete this task at Orientation and Registration.

All students may complete this task in the Payroll Office, Sorensen Hall during business hours.

Off-Campus Employment:

Your employer will request these forms prior to employment.

Domestic Students:

All students must fill out the Federal W-4 and I-9 Employment Verification forms.  If you are a resident of any state other than Iowa, fill out the Illinois W-4. Only Iowa residents will fill out the Iowa W-4.

Please use the links below and bring with you:

  • I-9 Employment verification, pages 1 and 2
  • Federal W-4, page 1
  • Illinois W-4, page 2
  • Iowa W-4, page 1
  • Direct Deposit Form
  • Valid US Passport or Picture ID (driver’s license or school)
  • Original Social Security card, original birth certificate, or valid passport.  We need to see these original documents in order to complete the forms. We cannot accept copies. 
International Students:

Before International Students can be employed, they will need:

  • Social Security card (contact the office of International Student Life – 4th floor Gerber Center to learn about process)
  • US bank account
  • Passport
  • I-9 Employment verification, pages 1 and 2
  • Letter of support from the office of International Student Life – 4th floor Gerber Center

Look for a job on Handshake 

Handshake is a modern college recruiting platform. Every student has an account with Handshake. It is easy to access your profile; just follow these steps:

Access Handshake
  • Log in to Handshake at using your full Augustana email address. For example,
  • When prompted, continue log in process using your email and your email password
  • Follow the prompts to complete personalization of your profile
  • Once you build your profile, you will be able to search and apply for part-time jobs and internships on and off campus.  You can also make appointments to meet with a career coach, access career resources, and explore careers that interest you.
Search for openings:
  • To search for part-time jobs and internships on and off campus, follow these steps:
  • Click Jobs in top menu bar of Handshake
  • Fill out desired information: location, job type, employment type, employer industry
  • Select Show Advanced Options to view more search options
  • Click on a position’s title to view more about position
  • Apply directly using Handshake by clicking green Apply Now button

About on-campus employment

All degree-seeking students enrolled at Augustana College may apply to work on campus.

Possible Jobs for First Year Students:

  • Desk Assistant at Residence Halls
  • Office/Academic Department Assistant 
  • Dining Services and Catering
  • Library Assistant
  • Facilities and Grounds keeping
  • Athletic Department
  • PepsiCo Intramural Assistant
  • Centennial Hall Performance Staff
  • Bookstore/Mailroom
Flexible Employment Program

The Flexible Employment Program (FEP) is similar to a temp agency allowing students to work for different departments across campus as needed and select work opportunities that fit within their schedules. 

As with all employment, before enrolling in FEP, students will need to complete required tax forms.  

Students can sign up for the Flexible Employment Program (FEP) by sending an email to with FEP as the subject.  Students will be registered through a third-party system (Sling) and receive a confirmation link with next steps.

For more information about Student Employment or the Flexible Employment Program (FEP) please contact Andy Shearouse-Coordinator, Student Employment in CORE, Olin Hall; 309-794-7470.

On-Campus Internships

On-campus student employment may be suitable as an internship.  In this case, the student work is specialized, closely supervised, and registered as an internship for credit.  Internships are a minimum of 40 hours of work over the course of a term. An internship is the practical application of the skills, knowledge, and talents that students gain at Augustana.

Student Employment and Financial Assistance

Federal Work Study

As a part of the financial assistance package, students may receive a Federal Work Study award. Federal Work Study (FWS) is a need-based financial aid program that allows a student to work on campus to earn money for college expenses. Every effort is made to assist eligible students in finding employment; however, Augustana does not place students in jobs. 
Should you have questions regarding Federal Work Study eligibility please contact the Office of Financial Assistance 309-794-7680, or email,

Non-federal Work Study

Students who do not qualify for Federal Work Study, based on eligibility determined by completion of the FAFSA, have the opportunity to work on campus through general employment. Non-Federal Work Study students are encouraged to apply for openings in their areas of interest.

Augustana does not guarantee employment, nor is there any guarantee that students eligible for Federal Work Study will earn the entire amount listed on the award notification. For information about Federal Work Study eligibility, email or call the Office of Financial Assistance, 309-794-7680.


Student Employment, Andy Shearouse-Coordinator, Student Employment in CORE, Olin Hall; 309-794-7470

Flexible Employment Program (FEP), Andy Shearouse-Coordinator, Student Employment in CORE, Olin Hall; 309-794-7470

Federal Work Study
Office of Financial Assistance, 309-794-7680