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Viking Score

viking score

Use the Viking Score to track your level of professional preparation for life after graduation. There are suggested activities to complete each year and then use the table below to customize your Viking Score.

At the end of each year there is a suggested minimum number of points you should have accumulated; you are encouraged to go beyond the minimum points each year.

(Note to Black Hawk College transfer students: Those Black Hawk College (BHC) students who have completed the BHC Passport to Leadership Program will receive 16 Viking Score points. Students should make an appointment with a CORE staff to discuss this transfer as well as their next steps in the Viking Score program.)

Printable Viking Score Card

Suggested minimum number of points per year:

• By the end of your first year you should have accumulated 10 points.

• By the end of your second year you should have accumulated 30 total points.

• By the end of your third year you should have accumulated 60 total points.

• By the time of your graduation you should have accumulated 100 total points.


"Viking Score will give students a rigor around preparing to join the workforce that few others will have. Some of the outputs (professional and mistake-free resumes, updated LinkedIn profiles with professional head shots) will give them a presence many new grads don't have. A focus on soft skills will also give them a huge advantage: If I have two candidates with similar educational experience, the one with better soft skills will get the job every time."

— Rose Aaron, HayGroup

"The Viking Score provides a wonderful road map to professional success. When entering college, very few students, if any, have the understanding of what it takes to become successful. With each step under the Viking Score, it provides students with a healthy set of goals that can be accomplished. If I could go back in time and explain to myself what I know now, it would be Viking Score."

— Sean Fulmer, attorney with Master Weinstein Schatz Moyer P.C. of Philadelphia

"The Viking Score takes the ambiguity out of the steps students must take to acquire a full-time position following graduation. It also gives students an opportunity to learn about multiple career tracks, including non-traditional roles, that can leverage their strengths and interests. Now students will be equipped to be career-minded throughout their college experience versus waiting until their final year(s) to begin planning."

— Valerie (Lambert) Kroll ’07, manager, digital analytics, American Medical Association