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Bryce Palar

Visiting Assistant Professor of Business Administration

Most educators end up in academia for diverse reasons. For me, the call came after spending several years in various financial and management roles and discovering that my job was more about helping others to understand and use information than managing finances or people.

My professional experience as an executive manager has influenced my thought processes from "what" is happening to "why" it is happening. After discovering my passion for learning, I was able to translate that passion into teaching as well. I hold strong convictions for helping others, and, in educating college students, I hope to be able to shape the foundations of our future managers and business owners by developing a stronger understanding of the connection between both the financial side and the people side of business.

I used to think that my dream job would be running an organization as a chief executive officer, and, after accepting such a position several years ago, I found that using my financial and managerial experience was more fulfilling when working with my employees to teach them the ins and outs of business. To me, numbers tell a story and explain things to us that we might otherwise miss without them. Therefore, in my role as a faculty member, I strive to help students tell the story of business and grow confidence as decision-makers.

Research interests:

Strategic competitiveness, specifically related to start-ups and small firms
Ethics in financial decision-making
Social approval assets and environmental/behavioral influences

Courses taught:

Accounting 203 - Financial Accounting
Accounting 204 - Managerial Accounting
Accounting 363 - Federal Tax
Accounting 420 - Comprehensive Financial Analysis
Business 201 - Introduction to Business Problem Solving
Business 303 - Entrepreneurship
Business 331 - Financial Management
Business 333 - Financial Markets and Institutions
Business 316 - New Venture Planning
Business 336 - Money and Banking
Business 389 - Problem Solving with Excel
Business 389 - Sports Management and Research
Business 420 - Sports Research and Analysis


Doctor of Business Administration, St. Ambrose University (candidate)


  • B.S., Business Management and Administration, Bradley University
  • M.B.A., St. Ambrose University