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Jenna Lawrence

Jenna Lawrence

Campus Visit Coordinator

Hometown: Moline, Ill.
Current town: Moline, Ill.

College: Augustana College 

Majors: Public health and communication studies 

Why did you decide to work in this field and/or at Augustana? 

I have always had a passion for connecting with and helping others. The college search process can be an overwhelming yet exciting adventure. I love that I get to help prospective students and their families through that time. I graduated from Augustana in the spring of 2018, and loved my time here as a student. As a Quad City native, I had my reservations about attending Augustana, because I thought that I wanted to move away and attend a college in a new city. However as soon as I stepped onto Augustana’s campus my first day of freshman year, I knew I made the right decision. The experiences I had, friends I made, and personal growth I obtained while at Augustana will be something I cherish forever. I am so grateful that I have the opportunity to work in the very place that holds some of my greatest memories. 

What do you like to do around the community? 

So many things! When I want to go outdoors, I enjoy golfing, hiking in the area at places like Black Hawk State Historic Park and Wildcat Den State Park, or heading to the farmers market on Saturday mornings. When I want to stay indoors, I love trying different local restaurants and coffee shops, going to QC Entertainment to bowl and play laser tag, going shopping, or heading to the movie theater. No matter what time of year it is, I enjoy going to sporting events whether I’m watching an Augustana team, a minor league team, or a professional team. 

What is your favorite time/tradition of the Augustana school year? 

My favorite time during the Augustana school year is fall, when students come to campus after summer break. The campus is bustling with activities, students are reunited with their friends, and the feeling of excitement and joy floods Augustana. 

Specializations: Admissions


  • B.A., Augustana College