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Leslie DuPree

Leslie M. DuPree

Director of Web Services and New Media

Leslie DuPree was lured to Augustana by the promise of an unlimited supply of inspiring, fascinating and sometimes just plain fun stories to tell here. She enjoys bringing those stories to the college website for the world to see.

After a long and varied career in print and online journalism, Leslie believes the story still takes precedence over the tools of webmasters and "new media" content makers.

"The trick is to select the right tool for the story," she says. "Sometimes that's a one-minute video. Sometimes it's just a 300-word article. And then some stories are so compelling that they call for all the tools you have."

Leslie was the online editor of one of the first newspapers in Illinois to publish on the Internet in 1994. She continues to follow content strategy online and likes to talk with students about how they "consume" media, and what websites, devices and applications they use. This helps her make sure Augustana's news and content are usable and available.

She enjoys collaborating with student workers who contribute to the college website as writers, photographers and bloggers.

"It's a different generation of writers and a different platform, but a lot of the advice I got as a reporter, and then gave out as an editor, still works!" she said.

Leslie DuPree grew up in the small central Illinois town of Clinton and now lives in the Village of East Davenport neighborhood, where she likes to walk, bike and garden.

Specializations: Web development, Journalism, Writing, Editing, Content management, Communication and marketing


  • B.S. Journalism, Illinois