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lori scott

Lori R. Scott

Professor of Biology Medical Professions Advisor Coordinator

I was originally hired in 1989 to teach Genetics/BIOL370 and Biological Principles/BIOL101.  Since that time, I have added Molecular Genetics/BIOL375, Cell Biology/BIOL210, Evolutionary Biology/BIOL270, First Year Liberal Studies (LSFY) and Becoming Biologists/BIO150 to my repertoire. I enjoy(ed) teaching all of these courses, but my favorite is BIOL375 because I use it as a venue for getting students involved in my research project. I study the microbe Meiothermus ruber, which is a thermophilic bacteria that lives in hot springs around the world, as part of a goverment program called the Interpret a Genome Program through the Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute. I am a strong advocate of using high impact learning strategies in my courses, especially the technique called POGIL (Process-Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning).

Specializations: Molecular biology, Genetics, Bioinformatics


  • B.S., Manchester
  • M.S., Ph.D., Illinois State