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mary kilbride

Mary J. Kilbride

Adjunct Instructor of Mathematics and Computer Science

I’ll have to admit it . . . from my early high school days, I’ve always known that I wanted to be a math teacher. I truly enjoy teaching mathematics and helping students make SENSE of the math they learn. I get to do this in the two classes I teach most frequently, PreCalculus and Math for Elementary Education Teachers. So often I find that students come to college thinking that math involves the “juggling” of a lot of symbols, words, numbers and graphs. Many are unable to see the connections between an equation, a word problem, a set of data, and a graph. Making these connections, to me, is the “business” of PreCalculus.  In Math for Elementary Education Teachers, students quickly come to realize that they may not even remember how to perform a certain algorithm (for example, long division or decimal multiplication), let alone know how to explain WHY the algorithm works, let alone come up with another way of thinking about the process. I know something’s going right in this class when I hear an “Ah ha!” a drawn-out “I see,” or “Why wasn’t this explained to me like this when I was in grade school?”


  • B.A., Saint Mary's
  • M.A.T., Vanderbilt