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Department and program expectations for tenure and promotion

These expectation statements are most useful for two central functions related to faculty evaluation:

  • providing clarity to tenure and promotion candidates, as well as department/program chairs and other faculty involved in the process;
  • providing clarity to the Faculty Welfare Committee regarding how Faculty Handbook requirements for tenure and promotion should be best interpreted for faculty in diverse departments and programs.

Departments and programs are encouraged to use these expectations statements in the following ways:

  • communicate these expectations clearly to faculty eligible for tenure and/or promotion, and be sure these expectations are a regular part of conversations regarding formative faculty assessment during annual departmental faculty reviews;
  • be sure all department / program faculty are familiar with these expectations when providing feedback on faculty to the department chair and deliberating over tenure and promotion decisions;
  • revisit and revise these expectations periodically to reflect evolving changes in the department or program's curriculum, disciplinary norms, teaching and service missions, et cetera, in order to ensure that the expectation statement is an accurate, timely reflection of the department or program's actual expectations for faculty.

The departmental statement (or "guidelines") were designed to clarify departmentally agreed-upon expectations and to protect junior faculty from having an unapproved higher standard applied to them by their senior departmental faculty.

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