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Institutional Review Board

The Augustana Institutional Review Board is a committee reporting to the administration and responsible for approving campus research involving human participants. Federal regulations and Augustana policies require all research involving human participants, with some limited exemptions, to be reviewed and approved by the IRB. This generally includes, for example, surveys of students.

To submit a proposal for review, complete the Request for Review form. For more information, email committee chair Dr. Jeffrey Renaud.

• Request for Review Form

(A PDF copy of this form is available for reference.)

IRB Policies Manual

Training is required for faculty and students who wish to submit proposals for review to the IRB.

Institutional Review Board function

a. To interpret and implement policy on research involving human subjects (Code Federal Regulations - 45 CFR 46, revised June 19, 2018, effective January 21, 2019.)
b. To review and investigate allegations of misconduct in research conducted at, or sponsored by, Augustana College, and to report all findings and recommendations in these matters to the president of the college.


In its membership, the IRB committee seeks diversity in all its forms.

Chair: The chair is appointed by the president or the provost. 

Administrative member: Appointed by the dean of student life for a three-year term. 

Community members: Two community members not currently affiliated with Augustana College, who serve one-year, renewable terms, appointed by the committee.

Student members: Two student members, appointed by the chair, serve one-year terms.

Faculty: Six faculty (including the chair); faculty members on the IRB, with the exception of the chair, are appointed by Nominations and Rules for three-year, staggered terms.

At least one member should have research experience that does not involve human participants.  

At least one member should have research experience that primarily includes human participants.  


Jeff Renaud, chair (2025)
Dell Jensen (2023)
Megan Lorenz (2023)
Nadia Schwartz (2024)
Lisa Szafran (2024)
Jeff Mettler (2025)
Farrah Roberts, administrative member (2025)
Eric Welsh, community member (2023, one-year term, renewable)
Robert Gillespie, community member (2023, one-year term, renewable)
Amy Bramley, non-voting student member (2023, one-year term)
Natalie Freitag, non-voting student member (2023, one-year term)

Non-voting specialists: The IRB may, at its discretion, invite individuals with competence in special areas to assist in the review of issues requiring expertise beyond or in addition to that available on the IRB. These individuals may not vote with the IRB.