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Petition to Transfer Course Work

Petition to Transfer Course Work to Augustana College, Rock Island Ill. 
to Committee on Advanced Standing and Degrees and to General Education Committee

Updated Jan. 25, 2007

In order to transfer credit earned at another institution, Augustana students must obtain approval from the Committee on Advanced Standing and Degrees prior to taking a course. (See specific regulations below the form.)

In addition, to receive approval for a course to fulfill a general education requirement, the petition must be reviewed by the General Education Committee.

1. Please complete and submit the petition below.

2. You will receive a copy of this form in your email. Print out this form email.

3. Take the printed form to have it signed where indicated by an advisor.

4. Take the signed, printed form to the Office of the Registrar in Founder's Hall.

A separate form must be submitted for each course for which credit is to be transferred. The student is advised that a petition will not be considered if the information required is not supplied in complete detail.

Specific regulations governing transfer credit after a student enrolls at Augustana

1. Prior approval: Transfer credit is not awarded without approval by the Committee on Advanced Standing and Degrees and the General Education Committee prior to a course being taken. Petition forms for this purpose may be obtained in the Office of the Registrar. Petitions must include: the name of the institution where the course work is to be taken; titles and descriptions of courses; length of the session or term; statements of support from the student's advisor and the appropriate department if credit toward major/minor is being requested. *A course syllabus must accompany this form.

CAUTION: Graduation requirements may not be taken Pass-No Credit. Courses required for a major or minor may be taken Pass-No Credit only with the permission of the appropriate department chair.

2. Transcripts: In order for transfer credit to be awarded, an official transcript of all course work attempted at other colleges and universities must be submitted for evaluation. Only coursework from other colleges or universities graded "C" or higher will be evaluated for transfer credit. The grade point average for courses accepted from other colleges or universities does not transfer. Transcripts should be sent to the Augustana College Office of the Registrar directly from the other institutions. Transcripts issued to students and grade sheets are not official, and so can not be accepted by the Office of the Registrar.

NOTE: Approved transfer courses will not be placed on a student's Augustana permanent record if the student has an outstanding balance in the Business office.

3. Repetition of courses.

a. Except in special circumstances, Augustana does not permit courses to be repeated for credit. Once enrolled at Augustana, students may not repeat a course at another college or university for which credit has been earned at Augustana or at another college or university.

b. Students may not retake failed Augustana course work at another college or university without prior approval of the Committee on Advanced Standing and Degrees. It is expected that courses retaken to fulfill general education requirements or requirements within a major or minor will be repeated at Augustana. Petitions to the committee must be supported by: the student's academic advisor, the chair of the department of the student's major or minor; and, when necessary, those responsible for the degree requirement fulfilled by the course to be taken.

4. Correspondence or Distance course work: A maximum of nine semester credits in distance education from an accredited undergraduate institution may be applied toward the Bachelor of Arts degree. Distance education course work may not be applied toward fulfillment of the foreign language requirement. Distance education includes, but is not limited to the following: internet courses, stored media courses (e.g. videotape and CD ROM), interactive TV courses (2-way audio/2-way video), open broadcast TV courses, and correspondence courses.


Students registered full-time at Augustana are not permitted to concurrently carry course work at any other institution without prior approval of the Committee on Advanced Standing and Degrees. The above guidelines for prior approval for transfer credit once a student has enrolled at Augustana are also applicable to petitions for concurrent registration. The following guidelines also apply:

(1) Only students who have earned 60 or more credits are eligible for concurrent registration.

(2) Petitions for this privilege will be approved only when the committee judges that the student's valid educational objectives can be met best through concurrent registration.