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Advising reference guide: Class entering 2017

Due to the transition to semesters, several changes have been made to the General Education requirements for each class that is impacted by the transition. These changes are designed to make the transition to semesters a smooth one for students, while still making sure our Gen Ed curriculum meets standards identified by the college.

General Education sequence


Class entering 2017: junior and senior years on semesters

FYI or HONR 101, 102, 103 (Foundations) or HONR 121, 122, 123, 124, 125, 126, or 127 (Logos) No change   Most students complete this requirement during their first year as a 3-course sequence. If you still need to pass 101 or 102 or 103 as a junior or senior, then the semester-based 101 will substitute for the trimester-based 101; the semester-based 102 will substitute for either a trimester-based 102 or 103.
Second language No change   A year-long sequence of a second language is still required. The 101, 102 semester sequence is the equivalent of the 101, 102, 103 sequence under trimesters. Students can still complete this requirement via established equivalency policies.
Learning Perspectives: PA, PH, PL, PP, PN, PS   Student must complete one course in each of the 6 LP areas, plus an additional course in each of two LP areas such that the second course in a given area has a different prefix than the first course in that LP area.
Diversity Courses (D and G) No change   You must complete one D course and one G course.  These courses will be 3 credits under trimesters and 4 credits under semesters.
Learning Community (LC)  

Learning Communities are being phased out as we transition to semesters, which may make it difficult to complete the current requirement of taking an LC-designated course by the time you graduate. To accommodate this change, the LC requirement is optional. LCs will not be offered during the junior and senior year for your cohort, hence it is unlikely that you would be able to complete one before your junior year.

Quantitative Literacy (Q) No change   You must complete one Q course. These courses will be 3 credits under trimesters and 4 credits under semesters.
HEPE No change   Two, 1-credit HEPE activity courses are required.