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Overnight visits

Students who have been admitted to Augustana are invited to spend the night in a residence hall, eat in the dining hall and enjoy the social and study life of Augustana.

Some things to consider before planning an overnight visit:

• Would you like to stay with someone who has a major you're interested in, or a fellow athlete, or someone who also enjoys the things you like to do?

• What would you like to do while you're here: meet with a certain professor or coach? Sit in on a music rehearsal? Tour all of campus, and/or a certain place on campus (art museum or studios, science building, library, geology museum, dance studio, etc.)?

Overnight visit dates

Nov. 16, 2018 (for out-of-state students)

Jan. 18, 2019 (for out-of-state students)

March 17-18, 2019 Register for this date

March 24-25, 2019 Register for this date

April 7-8, 2019 Register for this date

April 12, 2019 (for out-of-state students)

April 28-29, 2019 Register for this date

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Or, call 309-794-7341 or email with any questions.

Colton Schulenberg

Colton Schulenberg

I chose Augustana after my first overnight visit with the football team. I loved the campus, the atmosphere and the people.