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Augustana College Bias Education and Support Team


  • Educate the community about how to notify the Bias Education and Support Team of bias incidents, and maintain records of reports and responses
  • Receive, review and assess bias incident reports to provide appropriate assistance based on the nature of the incident
  • Provide assistance, support and guidance to those negatively impacted by bias-related incidents by connecting them to campus resources that can provide assistance and support
  • Work collaboratively to provide educational outreach to the campus
  • Educate the community about impacts and histories of such bias and actions to prevent future similar acts
  • Gain a holistic understanding of bias-related incidents on campus
  • As requested, provide insight and perspective on incidents that rise to the level of a policy violation to a college department/office responsible for responding to  such allegations

The bias response team is not a disciplinary body, and does not investigate or adjudicate bias-related incidents beyond offering support and assistance to those impacted, and directing reports to appropriate units for response.

The team does not replace any of the current procedures and protocols in place to resolve alleged violations of policies regarding student conduct, discrimination, sexual misconduct, or violations of criminal law. Rather, the team seeks to ensure that there is a more streamlined and effective process for handling bias incidents, including providing support to affected parties.

The team does not seek to limit academic freedom, but rather, to foster a campus community in which students, faculty and staff of all identities feel welcomed and supported.

Team composition

Core Team Membership

Campus-wide DEI Champions:

Possible responses may include:

  • Providing support to the targeted individual/community, including listening, care, connection to college and community resources, and regular updates about planned responsive actions
  • If the affected party is a student, a Bias Education and Support Team member can assist in notifying faculty of any academic impact, such as the need for additional time on assignments or to request excused absences
  • Communicating with individuals, groups, departments, or the college community at large to express the college’s values of care, support, equity, and justice, and commitment to addressing and countering bias incidents
  • Providing educational resources to individuals, groups, departments, or the community at large to mitigate the impacts of the incident, advance learning about harms caused by bias incidents, and prevent future similar acts of bias;
  • Providing resources and support to faculty and staff to empower them in further responding to bias incidents within their departments and buildings
  • Holding educational workshops and/or community conversations 
  • Reporting incidents that rise to the level of a policy violation to a college department/office responsible for responding to such allegations

Policy violations

Policy violations are sent to the office appropriately suited to address situation: Human Resources, Dean of Students or General Counsel.