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Class of 1982 giving for fiscal year 2020-2021

Gifts made to Augustana College between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021.

Total giving: $204,897

Augustana Fund: $23,185

Class of 1982 Members of the President’s Society (donors of $1,000+)

Wiley Adams * 
Pamela Anderson * 
Greg Bednar * 
Thomas Curran * 
David Devore * 
Julie Elliott * 
Christopher Johnson  
Gregory Kloiber  
Millicent Knight * 
John Kreidle * 
Therese McCloughan * 
Grace Nelson * 
George Richter  
Ann Storm *

Class of 1982 donors of $1-$999

Barbara Anderson  
Penelope Anderson * 
Denise Arpino  
Melanie Bannister * 
Jean Bannon  
Michelle Beck * 
Gregory Bone * 
Martha Bone * 
Gregory Braid * 
Kenneth Brill * 
Wayne Carlson * 
Susan Church * 
Laurna Czajka * 
Suzanne Dell-St. Clair * 
Laura Dulle * 
Mahlon Erickson  
Alan Gill  
Mary Ann Goering * 
Debra Graeve * 
Rita Gustafson * 
Joy Hagen * 
Christopher Hennessy  
Thomas Higgins * 
Sarah Jacobsen * 
Julia Kasa * 
Henry Kennedy * 
Donald Knowles  
Dennis Korjenek * 
Nancy Kuchta Skow * 
Robert Magnus * 
Donna Magnus * 
Penny Mattix * 
Annette Mc Key  
Patricia McCoy  
James McPherson * 
Scott McRae * 
Kim Nelson * 
Thomas Novak  
Angela Phillips-Price  
William Potter * 
Tim Pressly * 
William Rapier  
Heather Reardon  
Lori Shontz * 
Marcy Simkins * 
Timothy Sparkman  
Thomas Sparkman  
Kevin Swanson * 
Ellen Tsagaris  
Jeffrey Wilson * 
Andrew Wind  
Lisa Woolley *

If you were unable to give last year, we encourage you to join your classmates and make a gift of support this Augustana Fund year, which began on July 1, 2021.

*Special thanks to the members of the Loyalty Circle, who have supported Augustana for a minimum of three consecutive years. Please note that since WVIK is a separate entity, gifts to WVIK are not included in the recognition for Augustana College's Loyalty Circle.