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Bed lofting and refrigerator/microwave rental

lofted bed

Bed lofts are an easy way to create more living space in rooms in Augustana's residence halls.

Each building has a default setting for the beds. Everything fits with the default setting.

The beds in Andreen are already lofted at no extra charge. In Seminary, two beds are arranged as a bunk, and the third bed will be set to the middle height, roughly 3’ off the ground. Most students find that these standard settings work very well. 

You can view a diagram of your room to help you decide if you want to rent a loft.

Students must use (bunks, lofts).

Place your order online by July 30, 2024, to guarantee availability and have it delivered to your room before move-in day. also offers rentals for refrigerator/microwave combo units.

See the website for prices and models or email