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Orientation and Registration help and FAQ

Q: Where do I find my student ID number?

A: Your student ID number was included in an email from the Admissions Office after you submitted your deposit. Look for that email or log into your Applicant Status Page where your student ID is listed at the top of the page. If you cannot locate your ID number, call Admissions at 309-794-7341.

Q: When will I register for classes?

A. There are 10 steps to complete before you are ready to register for classes (✈ international students must also have secured a U.S. VISA).

After completing those steps, you'll be contacted to schedule a virtual meeting with an advisor.

After that meeting, you'll be invited to the next live virtual registration event. You'll register for your fall classes during that event. Advisor meetings and registration events will be held on designated dates from March through August.

While most of the steps to complete are the same for international students, there are a few differences. ✈ International students can find their registration steps here.

Q: Who will help me choose my classes?

A: When you meet one-on-one (virtually) with an advisor, you will learn about the classes you must take and those you may take in the fall semester. You'll have this information before you attend a live registration event. At the end of that event, you'll be registered full-time for the fall. When you arrive on campus for Welcome Week, you'll meet with your first-year advisor to review your class schedule once more and make changes if required.

Q. May I call to tell you when I want to schedule my advising meeting and registration event?

A: After completing all necessary steps, you'll receive an email with the link to request an appointment time for your virtual advising meeting. After that meeting (and if there are no pending programs or placements) you'll be eligible to attend a live virtual registration event. You'll receive another email with a video on how to use Arches to register for your classes. During the live event, you'll register for fall classes. We'll be available via Zoom to provide support and answer your questions. Advising meetings and live registration events will be held on designated dates from March through August. You will sign up for these events online with the links we email to you. 

Language and math placement

Q: I took four years of language in high school. Do I have to take a language placement test?

A: Completing four years of language in high school satisfies the language requirement at Augustana for most students.

We still require a language placement test, however, because many students decide to continue their study of the language at Augustana. Taking the placement test helps us determine which course is best for you and keeps your options open for future study. If you have questions, please ask during your virtual advising meeting.

Q: I did not take the ACT or SAT (or) I applied test-optional. Does that affect the classes I can take at Augustana?

A: If you plan to pursue a major that requires pre-calculus, calculus, or higher, we need to know which math class is most appropriate for you. Placing you in the right course to start is important to your success in reaching your career goals. If you did not take the ACT/SAT, you will take an ALEKS math assessment (at no cost) to determine your first math course. If you applied test-optional, you can provide your ACT/SAT if you have them, or take the ALEKS math assessment. You will discuss math placement during your virtual advising meeting.

Q: I don't think my math placement is accurate. I think I'm ready for a higher-level math class.

A: Your math placement is based on your Math Index Score (MIS) (if you took the ACT/SAT) or on the results of the ALEKS math assessment you take after your virtual advising meeting.

Many high school students take math courses after they take the ACT/SAT. For them, the MIS may not reflect their current skill level. If this is your situation, talk with the advisor during your virtual advising meeting. You have the option of demonstrating you are ready for a higher-level math course through a program called ALEKS.

Students who take an ALEKS math assessment but believe they can improve their placement have the opportunity to continue working in ALEKS to improve their placement. You'll receive instructions on how to do this after you take the assessment and receive your placement.

Classes, schedules and credits

Q: Where can I see my fall schedule?

A: After you have attended a live, virtual registration event, you can see your class schedule in the student menu in Arches. (If you have forgotten your password, log in to the Password Recovery System.)

Q: Can I change my class schedule?

A: During Welcome Week you will meet with your first-year advisor. This is your opportunity to adjust your fall schedule.

Do not make changes to your fall schedule after your live registration event. Arches may allow you to drop a course, but it will not allow you to add a course to replace it. If you mistakenly drop a class on Arches, it may be difficult to get back into that class. Also, you may no longer be registered full-time.

Q: Did I get my dual or transfer credits?

A: If you expect to earn dual or transfer credit, it's important to indicate that on your Course Interest Form and to the advisor in your virtual meeting. When we receive official copies of your final transcripts from the previous institution, the Registrar's office reviews your coursework. All transferable graded work of "C" or better will be added to the student record and can be viewed on the student's transcript and program evaluation, both available on Arches

We cannot take dual credit from your high school transcript. We must receive a transcript from the college that awarded you the credit. The grades you received in dual or transer credit courses do not appear on your Augustana transcript. Nor do they affect your Augustana grade point average.

We accept only official transcripts mailed directly to Augustana from the institution. If you have questions, please see the website about sending your official transcripts and scores or call the Registrar at 309-794-7277.

Q: Did I get AP and/or IB credits?

A: If we have received the official copies of your AP scores from the College Board, and the score and test are accepted by Augustana, we will post the score on your student record and you can view the credit on your transcript in Arches.

If we do not have your official score at the time of registration, we will register you according to the scores you report to us on the Course Interest Form. In this case, if we later receive your scores and they are not high enough to receive credit, we will contact you using your Augustana email address, and you and your advisor can make any necessary adjustments to your schedule during Welcome Week or earlier.

If you did not arrange to have scores sent to Augustana, you need to contact the College Board and have the official scores sent.

Here is information on International Baccalaureate (IB) credits.

Q: How do I get proof of enrollment for insurance?

A: If you are registered for fall semester, you can request enrollment verification through the Arches menu, or contact the Office of the Registrar at 309-794-7277. This form will not have a class schedule on it, only proof of enrollment.

Students who register in August can get a form from the Office of the Registrar once they come to campus.

Q: Whom should I contact with questions about...

A: Registration and advising: or 309-794-8010

    Online orientation events: or 309-794-7533

    Move-in and housing accommodations: or 309-794-2686

    Dining: Amy Roehrs or 309-794-7543

    Academic or other accommodations: Kam Williams or 309-794-7145

   Bills and insurance questions: or 309-794-7454