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Title IX education materials

The Title IX team at Augustana participates in a variety of information sessions, trainings, and workshops designed to improve understanding of Title IX compliance, sex discrimination, and responding to sexual violence.  

These education materials are available to our community members.

Association of Title IX Managers, Sept. 2, 2021

Training for Advanced Title IX Coordinators and Deputy Coordinators. This training was attended on Aug. 4, 2020, by all Title IX coordinators and Title IX team members.

R. Veidlinger Training Materials (Title IX Hearing Officer)

Title IX/VAWA Investigator Training, completed by Title IX Investigators Tom Phillis and Jama Schwegman

2021 Annual Title IX Training Materials This training was attended on July 19, 20 and 22, 2021, by all Title IX coordinators, investigators and sanctioning officer.