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Swedish Immigrant Trail Video Game

Play the Swedish Immigrant Trail!

You are a young Swedish immigrant to America in 1880. You have made the tough decision to leave your family and life in Sweden behind. Will you survive and prosper in America?

Game designed by Dr. Forrest Stonedahl’s Software Development CSC 285 students and Dr. Brian Leech’s History students in collaboration with Lisa Huntsha and the staff of the Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois, 2017-2018.

Game by: Minh Ta, Jack Cannell, Steve Jia, and Maxwell McComb.

Historical research by: Abigail Buchanan, Brooks Fiedler, and Katie Laschanzky.

Please note: This game is a work of historical fiction based on information found in the Swenson Center’s collections and additional research done by Augustana College students. Most images in the game are from the Swenson Center’s library and archival collections.

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