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Waffle Day (Vårfrudagen)

The American Scandinavian Association will serve a Waffle Day meal of waffles and sausage. It is open to the public from noon-2 p.m. 

Guests will have an opportunity to make an ornament using wheat weaving, make a heart basket, or color Swedish designs.

Cost is $10. Request reservations by March 19 by contacting Loryann Eis, 2037 15th St., Moline, Ill.;  309-762-8303. Checks should be payable to ASA.

March 25 is the Feast of Annunciation. In Sweden, the day is called Vårfrudagen or Our Lady’s Day. A mispronunciation of that is våffeldagen or waffle day. Though March 25 is no longer a holiday in Sweden, people continue to eat waffles with strawberry jam and whipped cream as a tradition.

Read more about Waffle Day in Sweden.

Guests may park in the Faculty/Staff spaces in lot J or I (allowed on weekends and after 5 p.m. weekdays).


Gävle Room

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Loryann Eis