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Eastern Iowa and Augustana create partnership

Augustana Next is the name of a new partnership between two Quad-Cities institutions: Augustana College and Eastern Iowa Community Colleges. 

“This community partnership creates a seamless path for students between two exceptional Quad-Cities colleges,” said Augustana President Steve Bahls. “The Quad Cities needs to attract and keep bright students and their talents, and this opportunity aims to do just that.”

Through Augustana Next, students applying to Eastern Iowa Community Colleges (EICC) with the intention of completing an associate of arts degree may apply to Augustana at the same time. After completing the associate's degree, they can continue at Augustana to complete their bachelor of arts degree.

The agreement provides EICC students the opportunity to use Augustana’s resources from Day One. Students are provided an Augustana ID card, which grants them access to the library, databases, campus facilities, sporting and cultural events, and program evaluation software. These opportunities allow students to become involved at Augustana before they transfer.

“This partnership is all about providing our students an opportunity to further their education, right here in our community,” said Joan Kindle, EICC vice chancellor for education and training. “From the very beginning, students will be engaged with supportive services, student activities and classes at both campuses to assure a successful journey.”

EICC students also will be connected with an Augustana academic advisor to begin meeting and planning their futures at Augustana. 

In addition to the advising and planning opportunity the partnership presents, students can get ahead on coursework needed to complete their bachelor's degree at Augustana before officially enrolling. Two special evening courses will be available to EICC students each academic year, offered at the EICC cost.

There is no extra fee for dual application. Students also may apply to Augustana during their first and second year attending an EICC college. Application to Augustana does not obligate the student to attend or limit their ability to apply to other schools.


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