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Women in Antiquity course added for spring

"Classics 340: Women in Antiquity" has been added to the spring semester schedule. The class runs from 1:3--2:45 p.m. There are no prerequisites.

This class carries a PS and G. It counts towards Classics and Classical Studies majors and minors in Category III, but it also counts towards the Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies' degree with a concentration in Gender and the Global Environment.

CLAS-340 Women in Antiquity (4 Credits)
(PS, G) This course looks at the lives of women in antiquity from Bronze Age Crete to the early Roman Empire. Using textual, material, and artistic evidence, students will learn how women from slaves and prostitutes to the wives and mothers of emperors navigated their world. They also will examine how the Greeks and Romans defined the categories of masculine and feminine and how these categories were used in discourses of politics, law, religion, and medicine, while considering how ancient conceptions have shaped our contemporary views of gender roles.


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