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Graduate school placement for majors is nearly 100%

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Augustana offers a major and minor in chemistry, a major and minor in biochemistry, and a major for teaching chemistry.

Careers and internships

The department has established internships for chemistry majors to work part time and/or summers at a local city water treatment plant, an environmental analytical lab or a paint research lab.

Over the past 25 years, more than 65 percent of Augustana chemistry graduates have chosen to continue studies at major universities. Their graduate school placement is virtually 100 percent. The acceptance rate of students into pharmacy schools has been 95 percent over the past five years.

The department's success in producing students who eventually earn a Ph.D. in chemistry has been recognized by the Dow Chemical Company Foundation, which has chosen Augustana as one of 42 colleges to receive a  four-year scholarship. This scholarship is awarded each year to one or two outstanding first-year students.

About a third of chemistry majors take jobs directly after graduation with the B.A. degree. These include those who eventually work in the chemical industry, technical sales, and teaching positions at the secondary level.

Recent graduates:

Alyssa Bowen '20 is a research and development technician at Engineered Polymer Solutions, Chicago.

Austynn Eubank '19 is a research engagement specialist at Gartner in Fort Myers, Fla.

Kim Pham '19 is a Doctoral Diversity Program Research Scholar at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Dat Tran '18 is pursuing a Ph.D. in quantitative and computational biomedical science at the Baylor College of Medicine.

Hayden Holland '18 is pursuing a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry at Marquette University.


Eight of the nine full-time faculty hold a Ph.D.; all are active in research and teach laboratory sessions.

One faculty member also advises Augustana’s pre-pharmacy program, a degree program typically requiring two years of study at an undergraduate school followed by four years at an accredited school of pharmacy. The curriculum for Augustana’s program focuses on chemistry, biology, mathematics, physics and coursework to build strong liberal arts foundation.

Chemistry students are heavily involved in research in and out of the classroom during the academic year and summer. Grants are available for on- and off-campus student research.

Many chemistry and biochemistry majors attend and present at regional and national conferences. Recent examples include the Argonne Undergraduate Research Symposium at Argonne National Laboratories near Chicago, the Midstates Consortium for Math and Science Undergraduate Research Symposium and the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.

Augustana has an active student chapter of the American Chemical Society that offers tutoring. The community looks forward to the club's annual Chemistry Week open house and "Night of Explosions."

Chemistry is housed in the Hanson Hall of Science along with physics and biology.  There are four floors, two large lecture halls, 37 teaching and research labs, seminar rooms, four  study lounges, classrooms ranging from 30 to 150 seats and a greenhouse. "The Commons"  is a three-story polygonal atrium, with a skylight and helical stair.

What students say

Christopher Kassl ’09, chemistry and German majors

Ph.D. in organic chemistry; senior research scientist and project manager, Regis Technologies, Chicago

“I have always been a firm believer in the axiom, ‘Attitude is everything.’ When I came to Augustana, instead of being assimilated into a massive and faceless student body, I found an administration that seemed overjoyed that I would be lending my own talents and personality to a uniquely integrated community. The chemistry program afforded me the opportunity to work with a talented, experienced and approachable faculty and to test my capacity as an independent researcher on several projects of my own inspiration. The liberal studies program has enabled me to step outside the arena of the concrete and quantitative into a world of abstraction, metaphor, insight and intuition, something for which I am very thankful.”

Deidre Leist ’09, biochemistry, biology and pre-medicine majors; classics and chemistry minors

M.S. of physician assistant from Saint Louis University; dermatology physician assistant, Town Center Dermatology, St. Louis

“When it came to choosing an undergraduate institution, Augustana College could not have been a more perfect match. Augustana prides itself on individualized instruction from professors, and that is exactly what I have experienced. I had the incredible opportunity of conducting research under my biochemistry advisor for not one but two summers. I watched myself grow not only as a student but also as an individual as I presented my research findings among my peers and participated in research seminars at Washington University’s School of Medicine in St. Louis. The fact that Augustana is a liberal arts school has also allowed me to seek out my interests in areas other than the sciences."

Mark Tanner ‘12, biochemistry and biology major; chemistry minor

Postdoctoral fellow at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston

“The faculty has consistently shown an interest in helping me. Whether I wanted to study abroad, do on-campus research, get an internship or just succeed in a class, these professors have always been there. Participating in the Texas Medical Center Summer Research Internship Program was my peak experience. It also proved to be pivotal in helping me to secure plans after graduation.”


Students shine in summer internships across the country

As summer interns, more than 150 Augustana students discovered what they want to do in life, what they don't want to do, and how to use what they've learned in class to be collaborative problem-solvers.

Alfred Dei-Ampeh

VIDEO: The science of mentoring at Augustana

To continue research on alternative sources of energy, Dr. Pam Trotter mentored Alfred Dei-Ampeh ’19, who mentored Elizabeth Zehner ’21.

hanson hall

Hanson Hall of Science expansion groundbreaking

Augustana held a groundbreaking ceremony for the $8.5 million, four-story  expansion of Hanson Hall of Science on May 10, 2018.

Chemistry Olympics

Augustana's Chemical Society will host this year's Chemistry Olympics, where students and professors, in teams of four, will compete in five events. Winners will receive certificates, Augustana Chemical Society hats, and bragging rights. Pizza will be provided. Students in Dr. Miller's, Dr.

Augustana Chemical Society meeting

The Augustana Chemical Society (aka chem club) meets every other Tuesday (every even week) at 4:30 p.m. in Hanson 420.

Students are invited to join the group to learn about research, internships, Augustana’s chemistry department, grad school and more. 

Augustana Chemical Society meeting

The Augustana Chemical Society (aka chem club) meets every other Tuesday (every even week) at 4:30 p.m. in Hanson 420.

Students are invited to join the group to learn about research, internships, Augustana’s chemistry department, grad school and more.