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Pre-Pharmacy course catalog

2024-25 catalog


Professor (Chemistry) B.S., Clarke; Ph.D, Illinois

A typical program leading to the Doctor of Pharmacy degree requires two or more years of pre-professional study at an undergraduate college followed by four years at an accredited school of pharmacy.

Although the pre-professional study can often be completed in two years, an increasing percentage of students entering pharmacy schools complete more than two years of undergraduate study. Currently more than half of students entering pharmacy programs nationwide have three or more years of pre-professional study and more than one-third have earned bachelor's degrees.

Entrance requirements vary among pharmacy schools, so students are urged to determine as early as possible the requirements of the schools to which they intend to apply.

For students planning two years of pre-pharmacy study at Augustana, recommended courses include CHEM-131, CHEM-132 and CHEM-321, CHEM-322; BIOL-130, BIOL-140 and BIOL-351; MATH-160; PHYS-151, PHYS-152 or PHYS-211, PHYS-212.

Many pharmacy schools also require COMM-101, two courses in English composition, one course in social/behavioral studies, one course in Economics, one statistics course, and one course in the humanities.

Students who plan to complete more than two years of study at Augustana should also include as many of the following as possible: BIOL-250, BIOL-343, BIOL-358, BIOL-362, BIOL-373, BIOL-455; CHEM-441. Pre-pharmacy students should contact the advisor immediately upon entering their first year of study so that an appropriate schedule of courses may be planned.

Augustana's pharmacy program is not a graduation major, so a departmental major must be completed if the student intends to graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree.