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Academic Resources


NOTE: While the senior audit, program evaluation, academic support resources, as well as academic guidance from  faculty and advisors are all available to every student at no additional cost, these resources are provided for use in planning only. It is the responsibility of the student to report any printed error to the Office of the Registrar within two semesters. The responsibility for understanding and meeting degree requirements rests entirely with the student.

A variety of academic resources are available to students to ensure their success at Augustana and after graduation.  Assistance is available to help students set and reach academic goals, identify and participate in experiences outside the classroom that enrich and expand the curriculum, and integrate skills development and learning across all aspects of the Augustana experience.

Orientation and Registration

During the summer prior to their first year at Augustana, students and their parents or guardians are invited to spend a day on campus for Orientation and Registration. They will learn about living and learning at Augustana and students will register for their fall courses.

Incoming students can get started preparing for Orientation & Registration as soon as they receive their Orientation and Registration packet in the mail.

Welcome Week

Welcome Week begins on move-in day in late summer. This event helps new students adjust to college life and meet fellow students. Special activities and programs provide a comprehensive introduction to the campus, faculty and community.

Small groups of new students are accompanied through many of the Welcome Week events by upper-class students and faculty members. Auditions for band, choir and orchestra also are held at this time.

First-Year Students

The Director of First-Year Advising assigns a faculty advisor and peer mentor to each first-year student. Advisors and peer mentors assist first-year students in their academic and social transition to college life. Advisors play a key role in helping students learn policies and procedures, choose classes each term, and understand the campus culture. Peer Mentors teach students about campus resources and help them make connections to the people and values of campus.

During their first year, students enroll in either the First-Year Inquiry (FYI) or First-Year Honors (FYH) sequence during Fall and Spring semesters

First-year students might also may enroll in courses within the six Learning Perspectives: the Arts, Human Existence and Values, Individuals and Society, Literature and Texts, the Natural World, and the Past. Students may also choose courses which offer a global or human diversity perspective.

Other choices include physical education activity classes and classes to complete the equivalent of at least one year of college-level second language study. Most first-year students will take three 4-credits courses and one or two 1-credit courses the first semester (a total of 13-14 credits.)

Transfer Students

Each transfer student is assigned to an advisor and peer mentor who will assist students in their transition to Augustana. All transfer students are required to take LSC-300 during their first semester on campus. Students transferring more than 60 credits toward their degree will declare their major and be assigned a major advisor early in their first semester. Students transferring fewer than 60 credits will work with their transfer advisor until they declare a major. 

Reading/Writing Center

The Reading/Writing Center offers all Augustana students assistance with reading and writing strategies. Faculty and peer tutors recommend reading strategies to increase comprehension, retention and vocabulary. Students can consult the Center staff on all stages of the writing process for any class. Assistance is also available for writing personal statements, application letters, as well as in preparing for reading or writing portions of graduate and professional school admissions tests.

Additional assistance is offered to nontraditional students and those for whom English is not a first language. Students may make an appointment by using Starfish or may drop in as needed The Reading/Writing Center is located on the fourth floor of The Gerber Center. For additional information please see the Reading/Writing Center page.

Students with Disabilities

Augustana College is committed to providing an inclusive environment for all students. Students with documented disabilities should contact Kam Williams, Director of Disability Services, to determine the most appropriate accommodations. We provide reasonable accommodations in accordance with the American with Disabilities Act.

To initiate this process:

1. Complete the Request for Special Accommodation.

2. Along with the form, submit one form of documentation of your disability(s). We will accept an IEP, 504 Plan, or a note from a medical professional.

Please feel free to send information through email to Kam Williams or by mail to Kam Williams, 639 38th St., Rock Island, Ill., 61201.

We will review your request and the supporting documentation. If your request is approved, we will provide you with an email outlining your accommodations. You will need to present this email to each of your professors so that they can provide the appropriate accommodation. It is important to speak with your professors early in the term, ideally in the first week or at least seven days in advance of needing the accommodations. Therefore, it is important that you submit your documentation early.

For additional questions or concerns, email Kam Williams or call 309-794-7145.

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