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Coordinated Degree Programs

2024-25 Academic Catalog Page edits in-progress

Augustana College offers the opportunity for exceptional students to apply to coordinated degree programs with other institutions. A coordinated degree program is a program where some of the coursework is taken at Augustana, and some of the coursework is transferred back to Augustana at a later time to complete the BA degree. Students wishing to participate will generally spend three years at Augustana before attending another institution to begin study in another degree program. Students wishing to pursue this kind of program have two options:

1) Transfer Augustana credits at any point in their Augustana experience to another institution and complete their bachelor of arts program at that institution. Students will not receive a degree from Augustana College.

2) Participate and complete a coordinated program with the assistance of an Augustana faculty advisor within a participating department (signed agreement required.)

Additional information about these programs and the names of advisors are given in the Courses and Programs of Study section of this catalog. Specific information and advice should be sought from the program advisor early in the first year of study. Augustana offers coordinated degree programs in the following areas:

The following standards apply for students wishing to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree from Augustana. Prior to enrollment in a coordinated degree program at a receiving institution, a qualifying student must:

Requirements of the Augustana Bachelor of Arts Degree. Student is responsible for:

  • Completing a minimum of six (6) semesters of full-time enrollment at Augustana.
  • Completing a minimum of 90 credits at Augustana (transfer and AP work cannot be included.)
  • Seeing that all General Education coursework is complete prior to enrollment at the receiving institution.
  • Seeing that all transfer coursework from the receiving institution meets all requirements of the Augustana transfer policy (see catalog.)
  • Communicating with the Augustana faculty advisor for particular advising needs.
  • Applying to graduate within all published deadlines (see Academic Calendar.)
  • Arranging to have official transcripts sent directly to the Office of the Registrar before the intended date of graduation.
  • Adhering to all other degree requirements set-forth in the Augustana Catalog. Students participating in a coordinated degree program are not eligible to petition to waive the final 12 credit policy. 
  • Submitting a completed Coordinated Degree Program Agreement before enrollment at the receiving institution and adhering to this agreement and completing the program. Coordinated Degree Program Agreement forms may be found on the Office of the Registrar forms page.

Students who do not adhere to the parameters of the agreement noted above, with the terms on the agreement form, and with the requirements of individual programs, will be expected to return to Augustana to take any remaining coursework for the degree or withdraw form the agreement by sending a formal letter of withdrawal to

Augustana also cooperates with Trinity School of Nursing so that students will complete the bachelor of arts degree at Augustana and then continue their studies in the Trinity School of Nursing. Please see the Nursing Program page for more information.