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Getting started in student research

To learn more about getting involved in research or creative scholarship, students should talk to their professors and advisors, and contact the Student Research office in CORE to discuss research goals and explore opportunities.

Augustana faculty are the best, first resource. If there's a topic from class that a student would like to explore, this is a good start. Visit during office hours or set an appointment to talk more. Faculty and advisors can help students clarify their research and creative goals. They are also best for identifying existing programs, opportunities and resources within a specific department.

The Student Research office in CORE (Careers, Opportunities, Research and Exploration) can help when students are at the beginning stages and want to find out more about what research is and why and how they should take part. CORE also connects students to resources and people who are working with students in particular areas.

Dr. Mariano Magalhães is the coordinator of student research and creative scholarship in CORE's Student Research office. Students interested in talking with Dr. Magalhães may email him to make an appointment.

Existing resources

Many departments offer information about research opportunities and programs on the department web page. Also, most faculty profiles include information about a professor's research interests.

Advisors in departments will be the best resources, too, for developing Senior Inquiry (SI) project ideas. Other research projects can provide good preparation for SI and SI projects can lead to further research. Students should not assume that they should only do one project as a student.

Students should talk to their peers. Potential research partners, as well as ideas, may be found in class. Many research experiences are described in the More than I Imagined statements by students and linked by major.

Students should attend the Celebration of Learning during spring term to see a cross-section of student and faculty research and creative scholarship. See the "Detailed schedule and descriptions" in the Celebration of Learning schedule for examples of student research topics.

The scholarly community

• Visit the Thomas Tredway Library and meet with one of the reference librarians. The library maintains electronic databases and resource guides by major for conducting research.

• The Council on Undergraduate Research is a resource to connect students and faculty with undergraduate research opportunities. CUR provides information about meetings, programs, and publications across a wide variety of disciplines.

Upper Mississippi Center

The Upper Mississippi Center (UMC) mobilizes Augustana's resources to help communities solve sustainability challenges facing urban and rural landscapes of the Upper Mississippi River. The work of the UMC combines:

• Interdisciplinary research that integrates knowledge and perspectives from the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences to create new knowledge and perspectives (solutions)

• Community engagement and collaboration

The UMC is located in CORE (Olin Center, third floor) and has research positions for students from any discipline for research year-round, including paid positions.

Using human subjects

Federal regulations and Augustana policies require all research involving human participants, with some limited exemptions, to be reviewed and approved by the college's Internal Review Board. This generally includes, for example, surveys of students. For forms and policies, see the Augustana Institutional Review Board.

IRB Request for Review Form