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Brazil: Afro-Brazilian Culture and Society



Travel to the heart of Afro-Brazilian Culture, Salvador de Bahia, as you study the rich traditions and the contemporary struggles of this vibrant community. Whether it is capoeira martial arts, samba dance or candomblé religious traditions, the heritage of Brazil’s 14 million Afro-Brasileiros is alive in every aspect of South America’s largest nation.

On this program students will spend the three week J-Term on the Brazilian coast, first in Rio de Janeiro for a brief acclimatization stop and then in the city of Salvador. Through their coursework on Brazilian Politics, students will focus on the history, arts and culture that built contemporary Afro-Brazilian identity as well as some of the contemporary issues that shape the community today. It will be a full-immersion experience as students live with families in Salvador as they study with Dr. Magalhães.


Eligibility and program cap:  This program is open to sophomores and up with a 2.00 GPA or higher.  There is no language requirement. Some elementary Portuguese will be taught during orientation.

Course(s) and credits:   All students will enroll in POLS 348: Politics in Brazil (PS, G).  In addition to this four credit January course, mandatory pre-departure orientation meetings will be held in the Fall.

Faculty contacts:  M. Magalhães (POLS) and M. Smith 

Dates:  January 2020, with required pre-departure meetings during Fall semester 2019.

Budget and fees

Program Fee: $3,750.

Augie Choice is available for Juniors & Seniors.

Includes: Airfare, lodging, meals in homestay, excursions, ground transportation, and travel health insurance.

Does not include: Visa Fee & Discretionary spending.

Out of pocket estimate: $500