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Jennifer L. Heacock-Renaud

Jennifer L. Heacock-Renaud

Continuing Lecturer in Spanish

Jennifer Heacock-Renaud is a Ph.D. candidate in Spanish literature at the University of Iowa, specializing in texts of the early modern Mediterranean. 

Her research examines literature featuring Morisco narrators, or Muslims converted to Christianity in Inquisitorial Spain in the 16th century. She is particularly interested in how conflicts of gender and sexuality shaped the strategies of resistance employed by these new Christians as they attempted to carve out a livable existence in Spain. 

In the classroom, she has taught survey courses in Spanish literature, piracy and captivity in the Mediterranean, and contemporary feminism. 

Her husband, Jeff Renaud, is an assistant professor of Spanish at Augustana. They have one son, Parker, who will celebrate his fourth birthday this fall. In those rare moments when she has spare time, Jennifer enjoys playing classical music, gardening and traveling.


  • B.A., M.A., Ph.D., Iowa