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Emergency Alert

Campus is closed

Campus is closed today, Tuesday, Aug. 11, because there is no electricity. Strong winds yesterday brought down trees, limbs and power lines on campus, and throughout the Quad Cities. To reach the Augustana switchboard & police/public safety call 309-794-7711. 


Why Augustana: Academics

You’re here to learn. A major is one thing (or more than one), and the liberal arts foundation another. Together they do wonders.

Marie Brzezinski

“One of the biggest things that surprised me about coming to Augustana, and one of the biggest benefits, is that I became a much better writer.”

Nathaniel McCoy

“I was able to go out with one of my professors on a Sunday out on the Mississippi to do some research … Not only were we able to connect on a student-professor basis, but even a personal basis.” 

Leah Shelton

“In the end you come out with an enlightened mind that can think about anything, from any perspective.”

Patrick Conniff

“Going into college as a freshman I had no idea that was possible. I had no idea I was interested in that.”

Shylee Garrett

“Augustana has helped me personally develop my potential by giving me great mentors and an incredible education.”

Caitlin Lebel

“I loved it even more than I could have imagined.”