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Laura Bergren
More Than I Imagined Seniors reflect on accomplishments and look ahead

Laura Bergren

Graduation year: 2018

Majors: Theatre arts, English

Minor: Communication studies

Internship: 2017 summer intern for the non-profit organization Friends of the Moline Public Library Foundation

Post-grad plans: Work in the ticket office for a theatre and eventually go to graduate school to get my higher education in dramaturgy and land a job as a literary manager for a theatre

Why Augustana?

I was set on going to Augustana since third grade. 
I am a fourth-generation Augustana student in my family, and it was the only college I applied for.

Are you where you thought you’d be when you first came to campus?

I had no idea where I would be at the end of college. But looking back and seeing the growth in my skill set is enough to really make myself proud. I have so much appreciation and thanks for the professors who pushed me.

Who helped you to get where you are now?

The whole theatre department did, but especially Dr. Popple. It was her class and her passion for the subject that really helped me find my love for dramaturgy. I was given the amazing opportunity to work as a dramaturg for Dr. Popple’s productions, twice. She encouraged me, supported me, challenged me, and she inspires me.

Peak experience?

My peak experience was working as Dr. Popple’s dramaturg for the winter play, “In the Next Room (or The Vibrator Play).” This was a show that meant a great deal to a lot of people so there was a pressure to do this right. So I spent months researching and writing to bring the highest quality information to the production’s cast and team. We had our ups and downs during the rehearsal process, but our final product was truly something to be proud of. Working on that show was the most validating experience of my life, as a dramaturg and as a woman.

What surprised you?

The most surprising thing I learned about myself is I know what I’m made of. I’ve seen myself go past limits, and it showed me my strengths and my weaknesses. I know what I can accomplish, and I know how to overcome obstacles that get in the way of the final product.

How did you use Augie Choice?

I used my Augie Choice to pay for my expenses while I worked two jobs and an internship during the summer between my junior and senior year.

What will you miss the most?

I will miss the people. There are so many people who have helped further my skills and push me as an artist. They continue to inspire me in so many ways.

Advice for the Class of 2020?

You always have more to learn.

“Once you meet Laura, you never forget her. She has an infectious energy, a great laugh and a quick wit. As a theatre enthusiast, but not someone who wanted to be a performer, Laura found her passion when she discovered dramaturgy here in the Augustana theatre department her sophomore year. Since then, she has served as dramaturg for three productions I have either directed or performed in. She has been invaluable in the research and rehearsal process, and although we are thrilled to see where she goes, I don’t know what we will do without her.”

– Dr. Jennifer Popple, assistant professor, theatre and women's & gender studies