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Narita Lambert
More Than I Imagined Seniors reflect on accomplishments and look ahead

Narita Lambert

Graduation year: 2024

High school: West Aurora High School

Hometown: North Aurora, Ill.

Majors: Biology; Spanish for professional use

Activities: Women's varsity lacrosse, Delta Chi Theta sorority

Internship: Art Institute of Chicago – McMullan Family Foundation Summer Intensive

Post-grad plans: Gap year in laboratory research before graduate school

Why Augustana?

I chose Augustana for its strong biology program, and to continue competing in athletics.

Are you where you thought you'd be when you first came to campus?

Absolutely not. I entered college at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic as a basketball athlete interested in photojournalism. Now, I am graduating as captain of the varsity women's lacrosse team, majoring in biology and Spanish while preparing for a health care career. 

I am thankful that Augustana provided space and opportunity to explore new things and follow different avenues. Without this investigation, I would not have as much confidence and security in my strengths, skills and goals.

Who helped you get to where you are now?

My professors, coaches, classmates, friends, teammates and family have all played important roles in everything I have accomplished. I am beyond grateful for the endless support and constant encouragement I have received.

Peak experience?

My fall semester abroad in Seville, Spain, would be my peak experience. I had the incredible opportunity to interact with native Spanish speakers and to discover more about southern Spanish culture. I established extraordinary relationships, was pushed out of my comfort zone and acquired irreplaceable knowledge. This new knowledge did not only focus on Spain and the Spanish language, but also on myself and my abilities.

What surprised you?

Many things have surprised me. I am awestruck by my fortified leadership abilities; the strengthened security I have gained in adapting to uncontrollable circumstances; and the vitality and quality of the relationships I have established. Reflection shows me that I have experienced incredible personal growth here and that I have gained important skills for the future.

How did you use your Augie Choice?

I used my Augie Choice for an international trip to Athens, Greece, as a member of the Augustana women's basketball team. We spent nin days exploring the culture, learning Greek history and playing exhibition games. As my first trip overseas, this opportunity built up my interest in studying abroad.

What will you miss the most?

I will miss the people I have met and bonded with at Augustana. I am beyond grateful to have crossed paths with the extraordinary individuals I now call my close friends — and even roommates!

Advice for the Class of 2028?

I recommend utilizing the small class sizes and personable classroom settings to get to know your professors. Take advantage of office hours and establish these professional relationships! This will serve you later with reference letters, and you will find support and guidance for your career path.

"As a bright and ambitious student with her sights set on graduate programs, Narita reached a point where she could have graduated early. I am so delighted that she made the decision to spend four years at Augustana, since this gave her the flexibility to study abroad and explore her many passions. Narita is a true liberal arts student, and a delightful human being. I look forward to seeing where life takes her next!"

– Dr. Megan Havard Rockwell, associate professor, Spanish