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Services for faculty

Class visits

Each term, Reading/Writing Center peer tutors are available to visit your classes to give a 5-minute introduction to the RWC. They'll explain who the tutors are, what types of reading and writing assistance we provide, demonstrate how students can use Starfish to make appointments, and answer questions.

Usually, tutors come for the first five minutes or last five minutes of the class period. Faculty often choose to schedule these visits in conjunction with a library instruction session, though tutors are happy to visit your classrooms as well. Contact Lucas Street to schedule a class visit.

Writing Fellows

Faculty may request Writing Fellows for their First-Year Inquiry (FYI) classes. Writing Fellows are current RWC tutors who act as experienced mentors to the students and assist their transition to college-level writing. Writing Fellows primarily serve as interested readers of drafts and respond with questions and instruction designed to help writers re-think, re-focus, and clarify their writing. Contact us by Week 8 of the term to apply for Writing Fellows in the following term.


Faculty tutors are available for one-on-one consultations to discuss writing assignments, assessing student writing, strategies for teaching critical reading, supporting ESL students, and more. Contact any of the faculty tutors to schedule such an appointment.

Peer tutors are sometimes consulted as well, since they can provide a "behind the scenes" look at how students interpret assignments and engage (or not!) in the writing process. Stop by the RWC during our open hours to visit with a peer tutor about any of these topics.

Faculty development sessions

Throughout the year, RWC faculty tutors present sessions on reading and writing pedagogy. Recent topics have included "Inclusive Classroom Practices," "Improving Student Writing Through Assignment Design," and "What We Talk About When We Talk About Grading."

Handouts and forms

RWC Peer Tutor Faculty Recommendation Form

RWC Year-End Reports: 2016, 2015

Learning Commons Referral Guide