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Packing recommendations for international students

Travel documents: Be sure to make copies of items in case of lost luggage or bags.

❏ Passport and visa
❏ I-20 or DS-2019
❏ Augustana admission acceptance eocuments
❏ Personal ID
❏ Health insurance cards/document(s)
❏ Travel insurance information
❏ Travel and reservations itineraries
❏ Transportation tickets
❏ Emergency contacts and important addresses for home country and Augustana.

Travel bags: Make sure you have bags that are easy to travel with (not too heavy or broken).

❏ Backpack
❏ Handbag
❏ Wheel bags
❏ Travel pillow
❏ Earplugs

Medicine: If you have a certain prescription for a medical condition, please bring your medicine with you.

❏ Prescribed medicine from medical professional
❏ Allergy medicine
❏ Contact prescription/solution

Country/home memorabilia: Something to remind you from home when the homesickness kicks in. And items to display during international events on campus.

❏ Traditional attires
❏ Pictures
❏ Tea/coffee
❏ Soft toys
❏ Décor
❏ Spices

Electronic converter/adaptors: So that you can charge or use your electronics with your American products with the right outlet.

❏ Outlet adapter
❏ Laptop
❏ Earphones
❏ Charger
❏ Speaker

Clothes: Rock Island has four distinct seasons: winter, spring, summer, and fall. Summer temperature averages 29°C or 84°F. And winter temperatures can reach well below 0°C or 32°F. A warm and thick coat, gloves/mitten, boots, hat, and scarf will be needed.

❏ Underwear
❏ Socks
❏ Pants
❏ Shorts
❏ Pajamas
❏ Shoes
❏ Sunglasses/glasses
❏ Hat
❏ Swimsuit
❏ Jewelry

Toiletries: Certain brands or kinds products you would not find in the USA.

❏ Wash towels
❏ Bath towels
❏ Face wash
❏ Face cream
❏ Perfume

Finances: You will have additional expenses on arrival. Be sure to have some cash on hand.

❏ Cash and credit card(s