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Frequently asked questions

What specific accommodations will Augustana provide me?

Augustana College is committed to providing an inclusive and accessible environment for all students. We provide reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. We try our best to offer accommodations similar to those students have received in high school. However, not all accommodations from high school will be offered at Augustana College.

For more accurate information, please provide us a copy of your IEP or 504 plan. If you did not have accommodations in high school, please make an appointment with the director of Student Success Services as early as possible to discuss potential accommodations at Augustana.

Will my professors, advisors, coaches, and residence life staff be notified automatically of my accommodations?

Students who qualify for accommodations will receive an accommodation letter. It is the students' responsibility to share this information with their instructors, advisors, coaches, residence life staff, and any other members of the college as early as possible once the accommodations have been approved.

When requesting academic accommodations from your instructors, you may either forward your accommodation letter to them or print a hard copy to give them in person. You are strongly encouraged to meet with your instructors before or after class or during their office hours to discuss your needs.

Is there a testing center?

Augustana does not have a testing center. When students seek testing accommodations (or any accommodations) from faculty members, faculty members arrange for them to take the test.

In some instances when a faculty member is unable to provide the accommodation, the faculty member may submit a request to the Testing Accommodations Assistance Program to request proctoring assistance. The director of Student Success Services will assist the faculty member in finding a proctor for the test.

Having a conversation with your instructors in the first week of the term and again at least seven days before needing the accommodations will ensure you are able to get the accommodations you need.

How long does it take for accommodations to be approved?

Once all necessary documentation is provided, the request may be approved within one or two days. In unusual circumstances, more time may be needed to review the request. 

Is there a deadline to submit a request for accommodations?

New students should submit housing accommodations requests by June 30, academic accommodations requests by July 31, and/or other accommodations requests by July 15.

For current students, the college accepts requests throughout the year. However, students must submit their requests and provide documentation in advance to allow time for review.

What do I do if my professors do not adequately provide me the accommodations?

Augustana College is committed to students receiving appropriate accommodations necessary to learn and succeed. Instructors must provide students with accommodations if the accommodation letter is presented to each instructor in the first week of the semester and at least seven days prior to needing the accommodations.

If an instructor refuses to provide academic accommodations, please contact the director of Student Success Services for immediate assistance.