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Faculty Welfare Committee


A. To evaluate all full-time and adjunct faculty members on a regular basis.

B. To make recommendations to the president of the college in the area of salary, promotion, tenure, and sabbatical leave.

C. To make recommendations to the faculty-as-a-whole in the areas of fringe benefits, insurance programs, and professional meeting allowance.

D. To advise the dean of the college, when needed, on issues related to faculty staffing.

Important information

Faculty review preparation documents

Faculty Handbook


Chair, Faculty Welfare Committee and Natural Sciences Division Chair

Michael Wolf, Professor of Geology, Fritiof Fryxell Chair of Geology, Director of Fryxell Geology Museum; current term expires 2021-22.

Business and Education Division Chair

Christopher B. Marmé, Professor of Economic, Frank Strohkarck Chair of Business and Economics; current term expires 2022-23.

Fine and Performing Arts Division Chair

Margaret A. Morse, Associate Professor of Art - Art History; current term expires 2022-23.

History, Philosophy, and Religion Division Chair

Douglas Parvin, Associate Professor of Philosophy; current term expires 2020-21.

Language and Literature Division Chair

Umme Al-Wazedi, Associate Professor of English; current term expires 2021-22.

Social Sciences Division Chair

Mariano Magalhães, Professor of Political Science; current term expires 2020-21.

Provost and Dean of the College

Wendy Hilton-Morrow; permanent member.

For more information, faculty may contact their Division Chair or Mike Wolf, Chair of the Faculty Welfare Committee.