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Setting up an Authorized Payer step-by-step

Student records are private under federal law. Without your authorization, college staff cannot share or discuss your billing information with anyone but you.

To permit the college to send electronic bills to your Authorized Payer (usually a parent or guardian), you will need to add them to your account. (The college does not send paper statements.) 

You can add as many Authorized Payers as you need. If you do not want to set up an Authorized Payer, you will need to contact Student Accounts to note that in your records.

This step does not require any banking information. 

Screenshots also are available as a PDF file.

How to set up an Authorized Payer

Log into our Self-Service portal, using your Augustana network user-name and password. Choose "Student Finance."

Student Finance in Arches

This will take you to the payment portal. Follow the instructions to set up an authorized payer. You do not need to include payment information.


Choose "My Account" and then "Send a Payer Invitation."


Fill in the information for the person you are setting up as an Authorized Payer and choose "Send invitation."

Your Authorized Payer has now received an email from with information on 
how to access the payment portal.